Sunday, October 31, 2010

A little Spooky, a lot fun.

This is a little project that I did for the teachers in Kieran's team. Friday was world teachers day- a hallmark invention I'm sure but a good excuse to treat good people- I thought I'd combine with Halloween- hence the spooky theme. There are jelly snakes in the boxes and of course the cup's were filled with Flat white and hot choc's when delivered for morning tea on Friday.


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Dear Tooth Fairy

This is probably one of the worst pages I have done in a very very long time- I think I may have to remake it... and I very seldom say that!

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Joy in a Box!

This box....

The stack of goodness that was the last of my Birthday Present arrived today.

I will never miss another Sassafras Mystery box sale ever again...

OMFG! 59 sheets of luscious Sassa paper with all the delightful edgy goodness!

I got the stamp set add-on which was cool because I don't have any Sassa Stamps so they were all new to me.

Love, love, love Felties...

All up I think it was about NZ$420 worth and I think Les paid about NZ$140.

Thanks Les, I love you!!