Thursday, September 30, 2010

Miss Vienna's Bunting

I have had this idea in my head for a really really long time so was rapt to get the chance to finally execute it recently.....

I love it! I hope Vienna does too some day.

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Those very cool butterflies were sent to me by Michelle of ChelleyBeanDeigns- they rock!

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Mini Rugby Albums 2010

1100+ Photos and 2000+ Photos Spilts later- they're done and in the hands of their rightful owners....

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Taggy Blanket

I was talking to Jozlyn recently as she was holding Kellan who was busy tucking into the tag on blanket. Joz said he was totally into the tags and could find them with particular skill- I said that they actually made a baby toy blanket with heaps of ribbons around the edge acting as tags- she was interested and went looking- before she had a chance to buy one I knocked one up at home- I thought it may be a little fiddly but it's not so much....

I haven't provided measurements as you can do whatever you want size wise....

1. Loop the ribbons and pin them to the 'good side of one piece of fabric so that the rough ends line up with the edges.

2. Place the second piece of fabric 'good' side down (so the good sides are facing) one your ribbon pinned piece and then pin them together.

3. Choose a spot on a side where you have a decent gap between two ribbons and then stitch around leaving that spot open.

4. Pull the blanket through the unstitched section being careful not to impale yourself on the pins.

5. Remove the pins and ensure the corners are all pushed through.

6. Top stitch around the whole blanket to finish it off and close up the hole.

As you can see I used a satin on one side and fleece on the other and a mix of satin and a more woven textured ribbon- some fat and some thinner- I wanted Kellan and his tounge and gums to have some different feelings from the 'tags' and also the skinny ribbons are a bit harder to manipulate.

The look of sadness on Kieran's face when it saw it was classic- he thought I had butchered one of his cushions!

I had some fabric left over so made a couple of smaller taggy's as well- that way Joz has something when the big one is so gooby it needs to go in the wash. (I had intended on attaching a plastic toy ring to the triangle one so it could be attached to a pushchair or car seat but I totally forgot until after I had sewed it up. :-) )

I could see these being a go-to baby gift- easy to make personalised, quick to make and cheap- and a great way to use up ribbon brought with poor judgement for scrapbooking (duh!).

Monday, September 13, 2010


This is the card I made to go with the gift we got for Kieran's Japanese Host Family. I was totally paranoid about getting the strokes wrong on the 'word' and accidentally making it into an insult or something! It's supposed to say Arigatou- 'Thank-you'.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week In The Life 2010 the book.

Snapfish was having a sale so I got the WITL book printed. I have talked about how much I hate Snapfish before so I am not going to go on too much here. (Large corporate, impersonal 'service', overseas call centre- blah blah blah).

I was disappointed to find that they had removed the option to add extra pages to their soft cover photobook forcing me and and my 35 pages to go with the more expensive hard cover.

But was frustrated by the fact that you can't resize/shift the front cover image so it ends up where you want it. (And it annoys me that you must have a stupid grey frame on the photos on the back cover).

But mostly what pisses me off is the amount of bleeding off the edges of the pages and the fact that the images you see when you preview the book do not reflect what you will lose. I am used to Snapfishs' shoddy service and so allow LARGE margins on all sides of my photos but I still get this....

That said I am happy to finally have it done and the actual print quality and construction of the book is good- and the best thing is that everyone has been reading it!