Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December Daily 2010 Foundation Album

This year I decided to follow Ali Edwards lead and go with a 6x8 album, although mine is in landscape format. As we will be all over the place in December and not at home for almost half of the month I decided to go with a very simple style and all my pages are white Bazzil. This means I can add the numbers already as I won't be changing the pages around to suit my photos as I have I done in past years. Most pages have simply had their corners rounded but I did use Fiskars and Martha Stewart Edge punches on a few pages just for variety.
I intend on drawing a very simple text box on each page after I have added the photo(s) for that day. Unlike in past years when I have used a variety of different sized photos in the album this year with be mainly 6x4 especially once we head south. If I end up with gaps I will most likely embellish them or fill with patterned paper and such when I get home. I am tempted to take a mini scrapping kit with me but suspect we'll have enough stuff between us all and the kids pressies etc. I will most likely add in some other yummy stuff when we get home anyway... (have you seen this years Starbucks Red Cups- they were MADE for scrapbookers!)

Monday, November 29, 2010


Recently I made the invitations for Kieran Year 8 Graduation. The Year 7's got a simpler post card style invite and the Year 8's and Team 1 teachers got something a little posher. It took me about 7 hours to do the whole lot (48 Year 8's plus 40 Year 7's) which was a bit longer than I expected but totally worth it because I really care about those kids many of whom have been at school alongside Kieran for the whole 8 years!

You can't tell from my crappy "quick grab a photo before you take these to school" pictures but the names on the outside of the Year 8 invites are embossed in gold and the whole invite edge is inked in the new Metallic Gold Staz-on- which I hadn't even realised existed and wasn't intending on 'investing' in but for quick drying time as opposed to other gold inks- it was worth it's weight in gold. :-) The theme for Graduation is "Some Enchanted Evening".

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Happy Birthday Master One!

Master Ehren's First Birthday....

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss One

Miss Vienna's First Birthday....