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Taking a break

I have decided to stop the creative stuff for the time being so this blog will be pretty quiet for the foreseeable future. I expect that I will continue on with my 365 projects of the boys and will probably try and do the family 365 but other than that you won't see anything much here. This blog has a grand total of 7 followers and one subscriber that I know of. Thank-you all for following along and offering your comments and such over the past while.

All the best,

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I'm not really enamoured with this page I did it for a challenge- I should have known better- I hate it when a challenge places too many restrictions on you or is way too specific.

What do you think of the new look blog? I'm loving the clean simple feel - I got rid of a bunch of stuff including reviewing the Tags on most posts. The list is still way too long but way better than it was.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Introducing Thunderbird: Will Tracey

 Some of my creative time in April went to creating this Thunderbirds Costume for a rather obsessed Will. The bigger part of the effort on my part was to create the Hat, Sash and Utility belt. The rest was a matter of already owned boots and two great finds at the "Salvos'.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Card Swap

I am taking part in a card swap for the month of May through one of the Facebook groups I belong to. It's not something I'd usually do but it's part of my quest to make new friends- the hostess of the swap is a scrapbooker who lives in the Perth region. The theme was to make a card you'd give a friend and to use Ribbon. I had to make 8 cards keep one and I'll get 7 in return.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

End of Story

I am doing a class at Big Picture Classes called Design Challenges. Challenge 2 was to use a photo as the canvas for the LO. I did two and this is the first. I think it's also the first time I ever scrapped a page on the same day I took the photo!


Friday, May 4, 2012

Christmas Stockley Style

This is the cover page for the 12x12 album that I have just corralled all our Christmas pages in. It's a scraplift of a page I found on Pinterest.

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Stamps, and more stamps, and oh look more stamps.... sigh

I have been overwhelmed lately by the mass of 'stuff' that I have for crafting. It's almost suffocating- especially as there is somewhat of a 'guilt load' associated with the 'stuff' that I don't use. I did an analysis of my scrapping style so I can target my purchasing in the future to the stuff that I really use as opposed to the stuff that I find really pretty! And then I pulled out my basket of Acrylic stamps.

I pulled them out because they are one of the items I identified as practically never using (despite the fact I have them right on hand). 

 Then I divided them into stacks used, used once, never used and very new. Can you guess which is which?

 Yeah: Left to right: Never used, used once, used and finally very new.

Then I remembered that I had a drawer of alphabet stamps....

Which made me realise actually I have TWO drawers of alphabet stamps. (Gulp).

 And I figured while I was taking stock of my stamps I should photograph the wood mounted ones.



Here (This box is packed away)

and here... (all the Christmas ones together)

And while I was in the cupboard I took photos of my foam stamps- that whole left handside of the middle shelf.

And these ones that live on the top of my cupboard.

 Then I remembered this tub of 7 gypsies ones also purchased recently (on the cheap) and largely unused.

 And then later still Tama alerted me to these ones stored somewhere different because they are on 12x12 sheets, which I had completely forgotten I owned despite the fact I organised them into their box about four months ago!

This is all somewhat embarrassing especially as I have my own rule about only buying stamps if you can see multiple uses for them. I guess the rule should be if you can use them multiple times. So what to do? I am hesitant to purge them before I put in place some sort of system for trying to use them more often... but I have no idea how to make sure I use them more often! 

So if you were me... what would you do?

Open a stamp store... LOL!

Making Shadows

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Layout a day in April: Did I do it?

In a word: No.

I did create:
8 cards
6 invites
1 Thunderbirds Costume
3 digital designs for teacher gifts
11 Digital LO's
11 Paper LO's

So that's 40 individual designs... I'm cool with that.

After Kindy