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Cait's Photos

A lot of my creative time of late has been sorting my sisters photos. I have had them since we holidayed down in Dunedin in 2004/5 and I have been very slowly scrapbooking a few pages here or there. Having the photos in the house has made me really nervous as I had until recently both the negatives and the non-backed up originals- if there had been a fire at my place she would have lost everything! Having the job of scrapbooking all the photos on my 'To do..' list was getting me down as I'm not sure I ever would have finished it. This is probably lucky because if I had have finished I would have also created along side the layouts a HUGE storage problem..... enter slip in albums and LO's of special photos.

I have just completed putting the vast majority of Cait's photos in chronological order into these boxed sets of slip in albums. Each box contains four albums which hold 80 photos (total of 320 per box)- she now has 9 full albums and 3 empty ones for her recent photos. Along the way I have also used 4x6 journal cards to tell some of the stories I know and have left some blank for her mum to fill in as well.

I still have 60 LO's worth of photos left but that is a much more manageable target and she will end up with just 4 12x12 albums and 3 album box sets which when she finishes university and decides to move on from Dunedin will not take up too much storage room or space in her packing. Plus it's a huge weight off of my shoulders. Yay!

I like this system so much I will be doing it with my own kids photos as well!

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