Friday, July 19, 2013

Postcards for Tama

Tama and I have spent a LARGE amount of time watching heavy machinery of various sorts and types and in various locations. I wanted to be able to do something with all the great photos I had taken. Something that both allowed him to enjoy them and also to build on the knowledge that he already had. It needed to be heavy duty to stand up to his attention and I wanted the option to be able to add to it. Hence the project Postcards To Tama was born. I printed a batch of the photos we had so far as 8x6 photos (Hooray for Harvey Norman specials!). I then glued them onto some medium weight thick cardboard. Each week I try and write out 2-3 cards and then post them back home to Tama one every couple of days.

He talks endlessly about the Po-post (Postman), the Ma-may (Mail), and his le-lers (Letters).

Tama knows when the mail is for him-
"T- Tatum" (T is for Tama)
We race inside and he opens them up.


  I try and keep to the same format in my text each time:

Dear Tama,
Something about what we saw. 
A question that will lead to some discussion.
Love Mum xo

He opens the letter... checks out today's picture and various conversation ensues about what it is and what it does. Then he turns it over and 'reads' it: 

"Dear Tatum. Luff Mum. Tiss, Ta-tuff"
Dear Tama. Love Mum xo

After he's done savouring I punch a hole in the corner of the card and add it to a book ring with all the other cards on it- by the time we're done he'll have quite a collection.


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You Are My Sunshine

 This is the song that I sing for Will when I tuck him in. There's journalling under the clouds on the tab on the left.

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