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Daily December 2013 Days 7, 9 - 13

 I'm finally getting a bit caught up with this. I've had most of the photos printed for a while now but no time to do the pages. It feels good to get it done, last year I made the whole thing in February. I keep forgetting to put in the ephemera which is annoying. I need to some sort of system- maybe a small ring binder with 31 pockets so I can just drop notes and bits in each day so I have them on hand when I am sorting what photos to print. I've also been thinking ahead to the end of the album- 2 days into January we get possession of our new rental  and I'm wondering if it would be worth documenting that too or if it will just drag the album on too long.... 

Found some photos round and about from Les and Merenia's day flying.

I like using something that is not date specific for the days where we didn't do anything particularly interesting which is why the advent calendars come in at 9 this year. I could have just not dated it but I like the 'daily' aspect of the album.

A few little notes from along the way. After the car broke down life got to busy to write these things down- I'm a little sad about that because I was pleased to add these ones. Once again need to add easily doing this to my system for next year.

 Day 10: Will's school concert 8x8 photo collage (printed on an 8x10 and trimmed).

I loved this image on the library flyer for Story time with Santa trimmed it down to 6x4 and added a card to the back.....

Lots of people got their Christmas cards this week so I figured it was a good place to put it in the album. The pocket page is Studio Calico.

Day 11: Kieran Leap Graduation at school. (Their extension programme only goes till the end of year 10). He beat out his academic nemesis to be the top student in his year.

My super friend Narry sent me the Starbucks Advent Calendar and red cup ornament for 2013- I was seriously happy! I used part of the packaging to make a page for my album. I think I have done that practically every year I've done DD- so was pleased not to miss a year despite the fact our closest Starbucks is in Melbourne.

 Bits and pieces- we had a heat wave in Perth this week. I like the little wooden present in the pocket in the top corner it's from a set of decorations I brought at Spotlight... I'm not sure if many of them will make it on to the tree. I only found them last week too- so 50% off woo hoo!!

Day 12- Glassine envelope with the programme from Merenia's Graduation and a photo of Merenia and her teacher I got after the fact and hadn't planned for in my album LO.

Another 8x8 Photo Collage with the Graduation pictures.

Day 13- Our mixed up dinner and the little boys did their room trees. I put the journalling and tree photo in this greeting card from Kikki-K. I love their Holiday theme this year.

Love this chalkboard Washi from October Afternoon as well.

And that's where I'm at- I have a couple of pages left to do and I need to put in a photo order for Les to grab tomorrow and then I won't be able to print again till after Christmas... and I might be a bit busy.

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