Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Daily December 2013 Days 1-8 (but not 7!)

 Between getting two new tyres thanks to a puncture on Sunday and waiting for the mechanics 4th visit I managed to quickly snap some pictures of this years Daily December so far.

Title page

Day 1 left- above and right- below.

Day 1 continued- we smashed the piñata Will made at school.

This years Christmas card photo (8x8 page)

Day 2- Kieran's play at school.

 Day 3 - hooray a lotto win!

Day 4 - Boo! All the lotto winnings x5 spent on the car.

Day 5 an amazing sunset at Hockey tonight!

Hello Friday- I wasn't keen for the commute to take Les to work so I could have his car- so Will stayed home with us today.

Day 7.... Les and Merenia went flying and took ZERO photos!!

Day 8- Hello decorations- I collaged the photos and printed at 8x8 image (on an 8x10 canvas). 

I'm printing my photos at KMart express- you upload online at KMart/Snapfish and then get them printed "Express"- you can pick them up from your local KMart store an hour later for a really small extra fee. Les works just down the road from Kmart- so super handy!


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