Saturday, December 29, 2007

What? Why?

Merenia today...

You tell me, and then we'll both know.

Where Jasper moves out and Merenia is funny, again.

If you read the trade me message boards you might see where we inadvertently created controversy by listing Jasper with a headline of "On Death Row". Long story short Jasper found sleeping in the bassinet and car seat leaving behind the fleas he continually picks up from the neighbour cats as little gifts for the new babe was a good idea... NOT happy Jasper! Anyway within a couple of hours of posting we had an offer of a home for Jasper not far from here... he's going to be one happy boy on a farm with chickens and horses and a teenage girl to love him to bits- we dropped him off today at lunch... happy ending.
Merenia has come out with some real classic lines in the past couple of days.... You need to picture her one hand on hip with a waggly finger on the other hand and masses of attitude and emphasis in her words.

M: “Do you know why you didn’t have me in G.a.T for a long time and you didn’t know that I needed to be in G.a.T for a long time? Because I have HIDDEN TALENT! That’s why!”

M; “Dad whenever you write Shrek the Halls or any other kids programme on a video write it slow because I can’t read fast!”

Au revoir Jasper enjoy your new home and new family. We will miss you, (well Ruby won't she's grinning like a Cheshire cat already!)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Catching Up

I have been meaning to do a quick run down on life so far...
19th Will Born... Will sleeps lots and drinks a little.
20th I add Will's name to all the Christmas cards and Will does as above and we transfer to Waitakere Hospital as North Shore is chocka! So Will has his first trip in an ambulance at 1.5 days old.
21st Will has his first bath and I am finally free of surgery associated paraphernalia so I get to have a shower too yay!! For some reason all the night midwives we have had so far are a bunch of over zealous do-good'ers who don't actually do good. You know the sort... "Oh that pillow looks uncomfortable... I'll fix it for you... Oh really you had just got comfortable after trying forever?... gee sorry." Hence...
22nd... We're going home! And not a moment too soon as the delivery ward is totally full and they are delivering babies in the neighbouring rooms. I am feeling incredibly grateful that I don't have that poor Samoan woman's Mother... because that lady wasn't taking any sh!t that girl was having that baby right now, it darn well did not hurt, and she bloody well could do it!
Will is sleeping, drinking, and needing the occasional nappy change.
23rd We hit the town. There's a bunch of jobs that need to be done and a family tradition to complete. So we head to the shore and go see Santa at Glenfield. Will gets the title of youngest on Santa's knee this year at 4.5 days old. He also draws A LOT of attention from the mass of Christmas shoppers in the mall. We grab ice creams, Will has a milk and we head for home. Phew.
24th Yipee I get to have wire that's holding my belly together pulled out... we have to go to the hospital as they are extremely busy... so another small spot of shopping. I wasn't happy about this at the time but in retrospect this is my only 'boxing day sale' type shop as Spotlight already have 50% off Christmas stuff and me,Kieran, and Will pick out some cool Russ snowmen ornaments while looking for a 'W' to alter for Will. We finally post all the Chrissy cards to those who have email and therefore have already see Will's pics. This is the latest ever for me... and it doesn't feel good.
25th Christmas day... a rough night. Will likes to be a bit more awake in the night as the lighting is dimmer and more suited to his 'new to the outside world' eyes. So we both miss the annual grab, rip, assess, discard, next! that is Christmas morning around the tree. It seems I need only supply the materials for all our Christmas Traditions I am not actually required to partake. (yeah I'm a little bitter about this one still). We swore blind the first time we had Christmas just the 4 of us at home that we wouldn't do it again- as it ends up feeling like just another weekend but with better than normal food. That's why I am absolutely rapt that I am well enough, post surgery, to take up the invite for a traditional lunch with the Rae's; Pam, Ian and Kieley. Yay... we had a good time but doh! took no photo's. Will definitely have to find a way to scrap that despite the lack of images. Kielz perhaps you can take pic's of the front of your place and the tree? The evening is spent relaxing at home... another Will bonus- no packing for the Nats on Christmas day! No Nats for us at all, YAY!!!! Will's day; sleep, drink.
26th Relax at home finally cook the ham... two days late, yeah the Will 'eye candy' can be a bit of a time waster- but he's so damn cute! Will spends the day eating and sleeping, and add a new talent to his repertoire- poo-ing. He now does three nappies to a feed... the dirty one he woke up in, the interim nappy which he dirties in the 15 short minutes he is awake for, and the cloth nappy that covers the change mat. the bonus to all this is he really hates having his nappy changed practically scares him shitless.
27th After their shopping trip the boys and I gave Will a bath while Merenia hit the pool. Initially undecided he enjoyed it in the end. The midwife came and weighed him and he's almost back to his birth weight... unsurprisingly, he's feeds like a champ, most certainly a breast man!
28th Today we're just kicking back. See...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Comparison Shopping

While the rest of the family have headed out to hit the day-after-boxing day sales. In between hanging with the new boy I am sorting some pictures so that I can finish the kids Pregnancy Mini Albums before the pregnancy becomes a distant fog.
The result of this sorting makes for an interesting comparison. These children most certainly all have the same parents...

Where there's a Will...

A big part of this blog will be keeping family up to date with family (that said I don't intend on telling half of the family about the blog so figure that one out!!) and the reason for starting it when I did is this little guy...

Not content with two brilliant living children I always had a third in my heart... Les only had two in his pocket book and this is something I had come to terms with and even had the journalling written for the scrapbook page that was my acceptance speech for giving up on the dream.
I guess the universe had other ideas and through some fortunate circumstances (too long to explain) I found my self very happily pregnant earlier this year. The end result being the delivery by C-section on the 19th of December 2007, at 9:38am, one 7lb 2oz (3230 grams), 51cm, reddish haired, bundle of sleepy baby boy who we eventually named Will Eric Arthur Stockley.
The name Will was a VERY late contender having not been on the list at all it materialised in my brain during the day after Will's morning arrival. We have always found boys names hard and I wasn't happy that the names we could agree on particularly if we had a fair haired babe were all what I would call "compromise names". I still find the monosyllabic 'Will' kind of weird but he is a 'Will' if you met him in real life you'd say... "Yeah he looks like a 'Will'.
And he is our Will, my force of Will... Will Stockley.
A belated Happy Birthday my boy!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

On a Summery Saturday Morning...

If you have small kiwi kids and haven't read the book (by Margaret Mahy) after which todays entry was titled then you really should check it out of your local library these holidays.

This summery Saturday morning we headed back to Kindy, for the annual Christmas Breakfast which was combined with a farewell for one of the Kindy's longest standing teachers, Rhys. What really blew me away was the ease with which the children slipped back into old relationships... you'd think they never left. Unusual, but true, I forgot the camera! This blog will be photo heavy... but not today.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Welcome to the blog.

The intention is that it will be a place to share news of our family and what's happening in my life in particular at the moment. The aims being to better keep in touch with family from this point on. And to keep a record for myself that will see an improvement in the way I record our life in our family scrapbooks.

The other purpose of this blog will be work related I am a scrapbooker and part of my work is scrapbooking for others... perhaps, hopefully, at some point this part of the blog will need to be separate from the family stuff but for ease at this point I will to keep them together.

So who are we right now;
I am Gypsy, wife, mother, scrapbooker, teacher......
Married to Les, husband, father, serviceman, aeromodeller.....
Our Children are;
Kieran aka Boy Genius
Saskia aka Angel Baby
Merenia aka Minx

And this will be a part of the story of our life....