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Anakin Skywalker... in brown NOT sand.

Will chose to go to book week as Anakin Skywalker. In his darker brown phase- just before he turned to the dark side. This is an important point one that I would have liked to know before I went to the Op-shop and spent $15 the first time.  The second time I went I discovered they don't do a lot of brown and especially not in kids clothes!

I did 3 the stores we have semi-locally and Les did the 4 big ones around the corner from his work. He scored the very Anakin and way-to-big boots and some rather nice brown footless three quarter tights. I found a very funky piece of brown fabric, a belt, some sort of belt/scarf/tie thing and this brown wrap around maternity top.

 I had Will put the top on first. Marked the sleeves for length with taylors chalk. Chopped them and hemmed them.

I gathered the back in at his neck with a large dart.

And I snipped the side of his shirt to mark the length.

Then trimmed and hemmed that.

I also made a dart in the tights which fit him nicely everywhere but the waist.

I cut the interesting fabric into two equal long rectangles and then hemmed them on three sides.

I then tried them on Will so I'd know where to join them in the middle of his back and then hemmed and stitched the two pieces together. I then stitched them in place onto his shirt so they weren't going to fall off and bother him all day at school.

The I took the belt and shortened it and added more holes with my big bite so that it would fit the boy's cute little waist. 

I punched an extra three holes through the belt and the weird fabric tie thing I got. I pushed a brad through each hole and then bent over the prongs and  covered them with tape so there was no chance of Will being poked or scraped.

Using a remnant of the cool brown fabric I tri-folded and stitched four lines down the length of it.

Cut it into three even lengths and then folded the end under and stitched it to the tie thingee.

Trimmed the excess and folded the other end under and stitched that down to the opposite side.

Voila- belt loops.

This is the look we were aiming for....

And this is what we got.....

Will was pretty happy and he looked cool.