Friday, July 31, 2009

Sprague Lesson 10

Yay! Finally getting back to these lessons- Les is gone for the weekend so I have the computer to myself guilt free! I have just done another 3 of these lessons... would like to finish them all up but it is already 1:41am! (I had to finish The Goblet of Fire before I started!). So I am off to bed to read the next HP book by torch light till I can no longer keep my eyes open!


I love this photo it is one of the first I took with the DSLR when we first got it- cool huh??

Les didn't do the journalling for last weeks 365 yet so I think I'll just do it later today... I can't handle waiting sometimes it's hard enough to remember what I did this morning let alone a week ago!

Pure Happiness

Les is doing the journalling for the 365 this week. He's late with it because he's got model aeroplane stuff going on.

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Thinking of you....

Promised my Nana in March I'd make her some sympathy cards... finally got around to it!

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Lesson 9 All caught up

Here's some some before and after photos of Miss M with some 'Burned Edges'...

Obviously there's a bit more going on in that one than just the burned edges. I also chucked a mask on (White edges) and got rid of distracting 'Mr Levi' in a quick and dirty sort of way.

Subtle difference, nice impact.
And I'm all caught up! Now I just have to catch up some other stuff!

Lesson 8

I am almost caught up now in the Lessons for Photo Editing: Frame-Ups & Special Effects at Jessica Sprague. No 8 was adding text to photos nothing new here for me but more chances to play with, my new love, textures!

I'm not happy with the text colour down the bottom but for the life of me couldn't find anything better. The quote is one from Robert Fulghum (never heard of him) that I have corrupted for my own purpose. You can see the actual quote here.

Sprague: lesson 6

Today's lesson was on TTV's and fake TTV's and using them as a texture. My test subject today was the cat; the lovely Ruby.

Lesson 7 was a test I passed; 100% Woo hooo! (Not that she actually marked it or anything I just knew all the answers- go me!)

Marilyn Moment

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tonights This Mornings Sprague-ing

I did lesson 4 & 5 today from Jessica Spragues course. Masks and Textures; Masks I knew already. Textures are the new love of my life! My example photos (the test subjects) weren't the best choices I look forward to cuddling up to photoshop and doing a little experimenting again sometime soon. For now though I need to go to bed.

Check out Hero Arts this week...

There's big stuff happening on the Hero Arts Website this week they are having a big relaunch... check it out! Start on their Blog