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365 2015 Week 33


A box of Questions

I have had the materials to make this project for a little while now and finally got around to it in the school holidays- after I gave Hockey the shove. :-)

Now that it's done it sits on the dining room table. 

Inside are a bunch of questions the white ones like the one above are aimed more at the kids- and involve some creative and thoughtful consideration. The pink ones are more factual questions- which the kids can answer if they know the answer- but they're more family history type questions for Les and I to share the answers with the kids.

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365 2015 Week 32


2015 365 The Photobook ~ Volume One

This year I have changed up my scrapbooking and am aiming to do all of our regular event based pages digitally and add them into the 365 photobook we make each year. As I write I am up-to-date and recently put together Volume 1 which covered the first 4 months of the year- adding the regular pages in makes for a significantly greater number of images. These are the intro page, end page and covers for Volume one. 

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