Monday, June 30, 2008

Round and Round they go: Round 2

Who Group Time Landing Raw Score Normalised Score Place

Les---- 3-- 9:52.80-- 100---- 693.0 --------1000--------
Scott--- 5 --9:52:00 --100 ---692.0--------- 998.0-------
Sven--- 7-- 9:52.20-- 100---- 692.2 --------1000-------

The wind has picked up and adding a bit of challenge to the competition.
I will update this post tomorrow... I really need to go to bed.

If you are watching...

... From Les; The kiwi's fly in...

Round 2 we are in slots 3, 5, 7
Round 3 slots 3, 4,8
Round 4 Slots 4, 5, 8
Expect to do 2 rounds today. Conditions not easy but Joe is on form with his calling before launch. And we have huge launch advantage with his pre-tension, the USA Junior tow team and the line we are using. Next snr round should start around 2215 NZ time I (Les) should be flying about 11 your time.

And we're off: Round 1

Who Group Time Landing Raw Score Normalised Score Place

Scott--- 3 --9:55:20 --100 --695.2-- 999.6--- 13
Sven--- 4-- 9:56.60-- 100-- 696.6 --999.9---9
Les---- 8-- 9:53.00-- 100-- 693.0 --998.7---19

Joe's notes....

First round has been completed for the Srs...

The Kiwis are doing very well, all 100 landings, Sven got a 9:56.6 for
his first flight! Team score so far is about 2998+, which puts us
solidly in front of the Australians!

!!! (There is a little bet going
between the teams, so there is an incentive).

There is some challenging air, even in the morning. The wind is just
starting to shift, and the conditions get more difficult here in the
afternoon after the wind shift. The wind is quite predictable, light
in the morning from the west, then stronger wind from the NE in the
afternoon, with challenging thermals.

Time for the junior round to fly. I am also working as a caller for
one of the US juniors and one of the US senior pilots. In return, we
are borrowing one of the two tow teams that the US brought along. A
great deal for the NZ team!!!

NZ team manager

PS Updated scores, turns out that one of the pilots in Svens round
was originally credited with an over-flight, but the over-flight was
overturned so Sven was beaten slightly... Very poor sportsmanship
here, as the time given to the pilot guarantees an over-flight...

Sven Zaalberg 9th (999.9)
Scott Chisholm (missed the placing on the board, guessing around 11th
with a 999.6)
Les Stockley 19th (998.7)

More from Paul...

  • Sorry these emails are all out of order I have had trouble getting the emails for various reasons...

"Today is processing day and it is dragging a bit as it is 1.00pm we have been going since 9.00 and our guys are still not even close to being done. The radio checks all came through ok so only the planes to go. There is no flying allowed until processing is completed so it looks like a full day of sitting around doing stuff all.

The event web site has now been updated and there are photos there of our guys in the prelimary competition. Our shirts are in much demand with people asking to reserve them after the first day tomorrow. Joe has had comment that they are the best here, some of them aren't so hot so the boys will be very selective on trades I think. John, have had a look at Matt Woods from Australia Sal Peter. Very interesting, also talked to Joe how the wing is made and we could duplicate it fairly easy with the new carbon toe we are bringing home. There is one hell of a lot of Pikes and Supras here as well as the new German and Bulgarian machines.

I am not impressed with the way they handled the pre worlds results, a Junior won the fly off but they gave him only the Junior prize and gave the first place to the next person Darryl Perkins a Senior who finished second in the fly off. Needless to say Darryl was less than impressed as he said he was out flown by a junior whom should have won.

They are not even half way through processing and it 2.00pm already this is going to be a long day.finaly we were measured at around 4.00pm. Opening ceremony went very well with Joe and I being last on to the bus as we were held up by an American and the Brazilians. Drywall Perkins showed the man that he is and intervened to allow the Junior to be acknowledged as the right full winner at the prize giving all around a good day. The b**l s**t stops when the flag drops tomorrow morning

Regards to all Paul Chisholm"


On RC Groups... this lovely picture of Joe titled "KiwiFruit"

Mmmmmm that's lovely thanks to the American team for posting that one.

The Official Opening has happened they are probably all tucked up in bed now ready for their early start tomorrow.... the suspense is flippin' killing me.. lucky I'm going to be stuck at school all day!!

Go Dad Go!

  • It's all on now!
  • Good luck tomorrow!
  • We love you!
  • Go Dad Go!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

.... let down. Thanks to Chris for sending the emails onto me... seems I didn't make Pauls list of recipients. And now that I have the pics I'm possibly grateful... I sort of expected to see more action... anyway here they are....

All Woke early this morning hence a bit of time to ramble on a bit, Scott had a major head cold on arrival that did not help but now on the mend, Les also was a bit affected by sun effects on the first two days but he also now coming back to his normal self . The rest of us all serviceable. The Hotel is very average with towels not changed etc, but it is clean and seems to be secure. The food is very bland and there is only one way to have it you get what you get. The staff in the hotel seam quite forceful but polite. The food and water sales at the event are bloody expensive 1.5 litre of water 1.5 Turkish lira but in our Kiwi way we have found a super market on the way home and purchased supplies @10 litre for 1.5lr . All members going through about 4 litres of water a day. I think the biggest enemy is going to be tiredness due heat and long days, breakfast is at 6am and don't get back to hotel until after 9.00 pm. The pre world even is very valuable to work out your issues. There have been a few mid airs but on the hole the flying in launch is quite safe. Today will try to get pics of the various model types around. After the completion of the round robins Scott finished 34 Les finished 77 Sven finished 42 Joe made the fly off out a field of 160 and finished 5th. All round a good warm up for next week. Les now has a cold Tomorrow processing and opening of the world event. Tonight went to dinner with the Dutch, Australians and Japanese. Paul

Nothing to Report

We got a call from Les just before bed time (I'm still loving Skype!!) And basically he had nothing to report. The day will be spent processing models. He's made himself a little bed down in their section because there's not much going on till it's their turn and he's not well (hasn't been well since he got there!). The good news is they finally sent a big email with lots of pictures and stuff. The bad news is that I'm yet to find anyone who received it! :-(

There is a second page of pictures up on the website. But none of the guys... one possible sighting of Joe but I can't say for sure. Looking at the gallery is troublesome for many reasons but the worst I discovered today was the guy in the speedos!!! Yeeee- UK!

He did say that due them helping fix models for the US juniors and Joe loaning a model that they are being well looked after by the US Team which is great because their Tow men are the best.

The Opening Ceremony happens at 4:30am our time (19:30 Local) and I get the impression that by the time it's done the guys will be glad to head back to the hotel as it's going to be a long day out in the heat with not much to do. (Boy that Turkey Weather sucks doesn't it... 27deg and no Thunder or snow, no lightening, no hail or gale force winds... positively droll and boring I'd say!)

This next bit is for Les...

I finished your Digi page... it's for your office....

Learned something new in Photoshop too... damn I'm good!
  • Hoşça kalın Arkadaş
  • Yarın görüşürüz
  • İyi geceler

Where Turkey Takes Over the Blog

That is "Go Dad" in Jenga Blocks... I also have a bunch of "Random" Go Dad videos which I am not going to upload to You Tube though I will note that one of them has a suspicious looking blonde boy says "GO Dad!" and "Spain for the Euro" in a really bad secret squirrel type voice... the whole thing is quite unnerving really.

I was going to carry on blogging like normal but it just seems a bit weird to me to have my usual stuff in amongst all this F3J Stuff. So with the exception of the odd photo of the kids for Les' benefit it's just going to be all TURKEY every day from now till the end of the WC then our regularly scheduled programme will resume.

So overnight the Spor Yapi Cup finished... and Joe got 5th with the top 4 spots being taken out by Germany and the US. Sometime last night Les said...

" Joe got 5th, had trouble with is landings otherwise he was miles ahead. Going out to dinner shortly with Aussie, Japan, Netherlands and some of the USA team. Email done and should be sent tonight if we get a good connection at the hotel...." The ... is a bunch of kissy stuff you don't want to know about.

And then this morning (NZ time)...

"Just got home and everyone gone to bed so can't Skype. Will try from field tomorrow as we should have the time. Model processing day and opening ceremony and that's it. Still a long day as opening ceremony not until 1930. We have made team bet with Aussie as to which team places highest. $50 a pilot and may or may not involve singing national anthem in undies. Will not be a pretty sight no matter whoever wins."

And in the email this morning...

nailed a 9.57.3/100 thıs morning yep, asking me to check switch is now part of after launch timer duties. ı ended 77 in spor yapi, would have been 25ish ıf had got ok flight yesterday instead of switch problem. bıt bummed but got 2x 1000 out of 4 rounds so happy wıth that Yes, people have been pınged for early and we are takıng very short tows, still get good height though as we have serıous usa horsepower down the far end, helped there juniors fıx some planes got us big brownie points so they are looking after us. a couple of photos ın the gallery of paul and i towıng generally has been a launch/land contest condıtıons have been that good, a bıt wındy at tıme so a few off field landıngs too"

So I sifted through all of the photos and this is what I found....


Les and Paul Towing

Paul (team helper), Les and Scott (son of Paul)
I must say I've never been a fan of matchy-matchy dressing but the team shirts make is really easy to spot the fruitcakes wearing them. As a side note I have to say Dave L really did a primo job they are the best design I can see in all the photos. Shameless plug for ESP

  • More as it comes to hand.... happy Sunday!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A better day...

"Had a great flight this morning. Took a real short tow and ran low level downwind and hooked up some good lift. Then landed half a second before the end and got a 9.57.3 for the 1000. So if it were not for yesterdays stuff up.... Two 100's in four rounds I'm pretty happy with though. Just need to do that all next week. Not so Hot today so much more comfy. Managed to get a cold though I guess it's the different germs here."

Hopefully this means he will have some time to update properly later today in an email with photos and such. It's 1:24pm there now so....

Joe made the fly-off, cool! Tomorrow will be a day off technically as the organisers have run the Spor Yapi so smoothly... (they did have tomorrow alloted for it as well).

There will be practically live scoring on the website once the World Champs start... I think a few more late nights may be in my future!!

After 4 Rounds:
  • Joe 4th (3991.40)
  • Scott 34th (3944.60)
  • Sven 42nd (3899.80)
  • Les 77th (3551.90)

Spor Yapi after Round 3

  • Joe is in 7th 7.1 points behind the first place getter from Holland. (2994.8)
  • Scott has moved up to 40th. (2947.6)
  • Sven has slipped back to 48. (2900.20
  • And Les has slipped back to 90. (2551.9)
  • There is a picture of Les in the slideshow on the homepage.
  • There is only 1 day and 8 hours to go till the World Champs Start!!!

Aneil gets better emails than me...

THİNGS are good. Hot as and great thermals everywhere ıf you can travel to them. Spent the last flıght waaaay dowwınd but got back late for landing and only got 80. TEAM KIWI TIMES HAVE BEEN GOOD i got 9.54/100 for the 1000 ın rd1 slot1 so happy with that. 9.53/80 ın second round. only carnage we had ıs scott cracked fuse on a landıng but super joe has ıt fıxed and all good. Got joıners, need sandıng to fıt so haven,t tried them yet, others have and lıke them in lıght conditions. PLAnning on sendıng email home tonıght wıth photos. we are camped right next to aussıe so shit flyıng across the fence lıke normal. roo has made an appearance.

About to start rd3 sporyapi, we are running hours ahead of schedule.

You should be here........

Update 11:30pm Day 1 Spor Yapi

"Crap third round. Didn't come out of speed mode after launch and couldn't figure it out in time and ended up relaunching for a five minute flight. Oh well better to do it now rather than in WC. Forecast is for very hot weather to continue, real high humidity today. I'm going to sleep now. We didn't get email done tonight should do tomorrow as probably early finish."

I think I may be becoming addicted to watching F3J websites! Didn't go to bed until 1:30 when Will demanded I come and join him for a drink!

After the second round Les was in 69th of 169 but I guess that will change now. For the benefit of friends and family the task is to have the longest flight possible in 10 minutes and then land on a spot so you get 100 points. At this level a second can make a huge difference... and if you muff your landing it's not good. You can see the first two pages of the score sheets after Round 2 here (1) and here (2). Scott is at 61, Sven 16 and Joe 1=.

Thanks to Aneil who found this picture of Les taken by
Jo Grini of the Norwegian Team.

On a personal note YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Netball has been cancelled... now I am off to light the fire and hunker down for the day.

Change: Goodbye Pretty

I loved this vine on the deck of the house on Brighams Creek Rd. It was strangely out of place I went there to take photos but also to raid the garden. This was the only thing in the whole place that had any real colour. And lets face it that's not just colour that's COLOUR.


Friday, June 27, 2008

first scores in the Spor Yapi

  • Les 9.54 and a 100
  • Sven 9.51 and a 100
Edited at 12:35am with this wee note from Les...

Hi, have to be quıck, they have setup 2 ınternet comp on fıeld for us to use and people are waitıng. PLANNING ON SENDING A BİG EMAIL WİTH pics tonight when we get home.

going good, had 2 good tımes and one landıng was an 80, ı got 1000 ın first round!!!!

I better go to bed now or that baby will take revenge on me for staying up late.

In Turkey this morning

As I write Les is at the competitors briefing for the Spor Yapi Cup. He is flying in group 1 of round 1 so I expect he's quite nervous, even though it's not the main competition. I know I feel kind of nervous especially with the number of models that the Americans have already broken... I know Les would be pretty gutted if he crashed one of his before the WC start.

They had a good practice day on Wednesday. It was 28degC at the field but apparently felt hotter. Les was pleased to meet a bunch of people he has only seen in pictures or heard of and or emailed before.

Thursday was another good practice day and he took lots of photos which he hopes to email home tonight (his time) so if it happens I'll get them up here tomorrow.

He says that ordering food is a challenge as not too many of the Turks speak english.

He asked me to 'Google' the name of the Eagle (Sam) from the Muppet Show as they were working on a new nickname for Joe. Not sure what the story is there... I hope it's not one of what goes on tour stays on tour stories as I'm already intrigued.

I am not sure where if anywhere there will be online scoring for either of the comps but I'll let you know if I find out.

  • Go Les Go!! Go Dad Go!! Love you!!!

Seeing things

These photos were taken back when the painters were doing our house... that long ago!! Anyway Kieran forgot something he needed for school and so I had to go back and get it and on the way home the clouds were AWESOME so I grabbed the camera and snapped these.

I have messed with this in photoshop because by the time I got home grabbed the camera and took the photos the clouds had lost it a bit... so this adjustment is to show just how intense they did look.

Strangely these photos were taken on the Thursday that Indiana Jones and the crystal Skull came out... Can you see the crystal skull in the clouds? How cool is that????

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Landing Points

  • We love Skype!! Oh yes we do.

Kieran was busy watching Euro 08 this morning when the computer made that familiar noise. "It's Joe Wurts" Kieran said... and then there was a mad scramble to answer and grab head phones, and prise headphones from the hands and mouth of one very strong baby so we could talk to Les!

  • The whole Kiwi team has arrived and all luggage was intact and present!
  • The Americans have a lovely hotel....
  • The kiwi's not so much.
  • Although the Cable TV does have '157' channels.
  • But they are all in Turkish.
  • The train tracks not so far from the hotel may present a challenge to sleep... but then I'm sure Les has had worse at the Carterton Nats. :-)
  • The weather is bloomin' lovely... someone has already 'singed' himself. Grrrrrr!
  • They had a great practice day yesterday.
  • The set up at the field is amazing.
  • One of the Aussies has had his model box go missing in transit... and when I say missing I mean missing not just on a tiki tour to Turkey.
  • A lot of the teams had issues getting their line through customs.
  • When I talked to Les this morning he said that the restuarant/bar was full of passionate soccer fans.
  • I expect now they are all crying into their beer.
Les had about 4 hours sleep while he was transiting to Turkey so I don't think Jetlag is going to be an issue, which is cool. And Paul has the cable that he needs to download photos off the cameras so hopefully they will get the time to mail back some pictures soon.

I think that's it. More when I get it. As you can see above I have added a link that you can click on as soon as you get here to read the F3J Stuff. I will try and make F3J only posts as much as possible... but this is our family blog and I'm a busy chick so if things get a bit mixed up then you'll just have to get over it.


Brighams Creek update;

Unobscured View

What happened here? Celebrations, partys, commemorations, games, relaxation... memory creation. Who remembers

Road to Nowhere?

Garage Door Openers.

Soon to be Bonfire

Meet me by the garden gate?