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Will's Layout

Here's a page created by Will about Will. :-)

Oh no... sick.


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So Sweet

I got a little bit obsessive over my need and desire to play with pretty stuff... I have so many items in my scraproom that I purchased because I loved how they looked- but they don't necessarily suit the way I scrapbook- lots of boy pages, simple, clean etc. But when I couldn't get past the urge to make pretty stuff I just made it my challenge to 'scrap pretty pages with pretty stuff'. The next few days of pages are the results of that challenges

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K & N

 This page back on to the 6x12 from yesterday and lives in Kieran's album. The picture was a blurry one from our 2014 Week in the LIfe- but I have to take my opportunities where I get them with this guy, especially when he is with his girl.

Friday, July 3, 2015

365 2015 Week 25

Dinner Dance

The page on the right is a 6x12 a size I am quite liking. It's great for when you have too many photos for a singe page and not enough for a double. Just take a bit of planning as you need another 6x12 to back onto it for the album. That said you could also just fill the spot with some pretty patterned paper or some longer journalling, like a blog post you want to document but don't have photos for.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

I Am Here

Me on Google Street view.