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Scraproom Update

I recently got an under desk filing/drawer unit from Les' work for my craft room. They were throwing them out!! And it has made a huge improvement to my craft space!! It sits on my right hand side and acts as an added space for stuff to spill onto when I am creating. I also have my typewriter sitting on top of it as well.

There are two regular drawers and a larger drawer that could accept hanging files.

In the top drawer I have containers of paper items that I have tended not to use in my scrapbooking. They were various cards and items that come in ephemera packs as well as items from 12x12 cut apart sheets. I spent a couple of nights cutting them all apart and sorting them into- images, words and journalling- it's fantastic! And I am now using these items! I have also added my little Xyron to the drawer as the flies seemed to like to go there to die! Yuck!

The second drawer is all my 3x4 and 6x4 Project life cards. Previously these took up precious real estate on my table and were hard to access as they were off to the side. Now they are directly beside me and I can look down on them- so much easier to look through. I also cut apart all my 12x12 PL style papers and added them in here.

Currently the bottom drawer has my mists and glitter glues in the hopes that they too will get more use. 

In the process I also moved my paper rack to my table- which has been great for grabbing and adding an extra layer of patterned paper. And it's allowed me to get them away from a window that was fading things despite a closed blind. And it means I can open the blind and add more light to my corner of the room! 

I also did a sort and cull of my stickers- which I would like to use more often and added my alphabets to my paper drawers by colour- which has made it heaps easier and faster for me to grab what I want and see what I might want to buy more of. 

Anything that makes my process faster and helps me to better utilize my supplies is a win in my book... this has been awesome!

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