Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cracked and Broken

Kieran clothes-lined himself. When you get a text that says that you have to wonder.

Turns out he was playing chase at Cubs and ran into the rope hanging down from the flag which stopped him dead by tightening across his neck and throwing him backwards onto the ground. The result being a big egg on the back of his head and these...

You can't see the top one so well, it's chipped off the tip and the back. And the bottom one looks worse close up, it was bloody awful.
For reference if this happens to you or anyone you know; find the broken teeth bits (I knew that). And if you are in Auckland, at least, do it before 8pm. You'd think that dentists would have on their answer phone the location/name of an emergency dentist but no... you just have to phone all the after hours medical centre's/dentists in the phone book until you find what you're after (I wouldn't have expected that).In the end we decided not to take him anywhere till the morning because he didn't have any pain.
There's a chance up to 4 of his teeth could die from the shock of the whack. The bottom ones on each side of the broken one are a bit wiggly so also took a bit of a hit.
Thank-god for ACC... yesterday he got a filling on the top one and they recommend a veneer or a crown once he gets past that racey chasey boy phase (about 18/20 years) and he got a temporary filling on the bottom one as the dentist wanted the teeth a chance to rest before he cleaned them ready for the permanent filling. (Because Kieran's teeth are disgustingly bad/dirty... (what does anyone else do to get good teeth cleaning happening? And has anyone seen plaque disclosing tablets in a chemist or dentist available to buy anywhere?) )

While we are here and talking about Kieran he'd like it know he's collecting the Super 14 players cards from the potato chips at the moment. So if you get any and don't want them, post them Kieran's way and he at least will be greatful... WE will just grit our teeth and bear this whole rugby er I mean SPORT phase that we are in at the moment. (The kid watches Lawn Bowls??? Ummm Hello? Lawn bowls!!)

Seeing as how that tooth shot was so gross ....

Did I ever show you the cute little swirl he has right on his brow line above his left eye... I'm not sure you can see it well enough in this picture but I can tell you from where I sit it's damn cute.

And did I ever tell you just how perfect he looks when he's asleep... and not just because he's asleep either...

And so to Today... sort out the minutes from the BOT Mtg, write the letters for Les' grant applications and write the thank-you cards- that's probably all I'll get time for and if not then I need to tidy my corner of the couch (I amass stuff while breast feeding) and RUN to the scrapbooking room. I did a Caity J page on Monday (I'll post it soon)... Yippeee only about 14 more to go and I will have finished her birthday/christmas gift!
Anyway... FOCUS!

Monday, February 25, 2008

My Boys

Some more of the pictures the kids took.... Kieran took this one...

And Merenia took these. (I have cropped this one)

Love, love, love this picture....

I took this...

How cute does he look in this hat? He wore it out on our treat mission on Saturday and I didn't get a chance to take a photo so I put it on him yesterday but he fell asleep before I could get a non grumpy picture... too cute!

I was inspired by doing the Canvas on Saturday night so I decided to chuck some paint and pencil on the other canvas I had stashed in my cupboard. Lovely Making memories Funky Vintage paint!!! The Hibiscus' come from a font which we put on the signmate machine at Les' work and cut stickers which I then used as masks.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lazy Sunday Catch-up

Still in my PJ's just waiting for 'Stand By Me' to start on TV.... this is one of my favourite movies of all time! And it has River Phoenix... who I was in Looove with at the time it came out. Aaaaahhhh childhood memories.

So, Thursday and Friday... I got an email from Kal... who is my blogging Idol. I have to admit I emailed her first to tell her about the book I made with her cool art! But I didn't actually expect a reply as I figure she's pretty busy... so I was 'well chuffed'!

Friday Les went away to stand in a paddock and lament the weather for a couple of days. I decided to give the Soarfest a miss this year as the walls of the cabins may just be a little to thin for the neighbours in relation to that small package of gorgeous noisy-ness that is Will. Friday night Will crashed early which was very unexpected and cool. I spent the evening on the laptop and advanced the progress of my getting organised and getting things done. It seems that I was far too focused on my work, as someone wanted my attention...


I wasn't playing though, so she found alternative comfort.

I can't remember much else about those days. Yesterday was spent in a cosy nest on the couch with the laptop and some books and Will who it appears doesn't want to sleep alone. Kielz came over in the afternoon and we ventured out in to the rainy evening to get supplies (fizzy and lollies) and pizza. Then we came home and eventually got down to creating... I made a canvas for my Word of the year. I'm relatively happy with it, though I wish I had one of those funky chipboard arrows because I don't like mine. The canvas seems to be a bit of a Kal/Ali fusion... with Gypsy flavour which seems about right for where I am at now.

This is interesting.

It's a photo straight out of the camera of me and Will. Taken by Les on a rather short shutter speed inside at night with our two standard (energy saver) light bulbs. What fascinates me about this picture is the information that is embedded but hidden. Because when I mess with in in Photoshop I get this...

Which in when it's big and better quality than this copy is actually a really rich and interesting picture.

Talking about interesting pictures. Les has taken my other baby the Canon DSLR away for the weekend so I'm left with the Fuji and have hence started a weekend photo project for the kids. They have carte blanche to take any and all photos they want so long as they have me and or Will in them. Which is cool because I seriously want LOTS more photos of me and especially of me and my baby boy. (I'm bummed I didn't get good belly shots before he came out of it) I'm enjoying it, even if the photos look like this...

The kids have an interesting perspective... this was taken by Merenia last week..

I almost deleted it but have decided it would be good to scrapbook as it was interesting to think about what the photo says about Merenia, our family and me... Mira's also took this one...

Will is certainly a lot cruisier now and it is lovely. In part this is attributable to Saint Jill the Osteo and some of it is attributable to this...

One more picture just 'cause...

It's Sunday, the weather is crap, the movie is good is for an entree, Will's zonked on his mat, and it looks like the couch is the place to be curled up with a scrapping book and a pile of magazines for the main course. And then a dessert of some good creating.

Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tambourine Chicken Noodles

Yesterday, despite Merenia's keen interest in them we decided not to have Tambourine Chicken Noodles for dinner especially as we didn't have any. We also decided against Tandoori Chicken Nibbles.

What we did do yesterday was go and see Carolann in the morning which was very cool as we haven't caught up in a while. And even cooler as she gave Will some lovely baby boy scrapbooking stuff... and he said he didn't need it as the family was crazy enough with 2 scrapbookers. So he's letting me use it!

After that we went to meet Kaya, who is the new baby of my friend Kiri. I met Kiri online when I first got pregnant with Will. She was about 3 months down the road from the death of her daughter Heni who was stillborn. Obviously I had a certain amount of understanding and empathy for her situation. I was rapt when she found out she was pregnant about 6 weeks after us. Kaya was born 3 weeks ago. She makes Will look like a porker because she's got that petite girl thing going on. You can see from this picture like many males Will finds girls confusing...

You can see from this picture that Kaya like all smart ladies is dealing to the boys already. (Two at a time too- impressive!)

Kaya's big brother Braith is one of the coolest dudes I know. Apart from anything else he likes dinosaurs in a big way and we all know how cool those sorts of boys are. We took a new Dino story to congratulate Braith on his becoming a big brother again, which was great as his shyness had to pass quickly if he was going to have me read the story.

He asked me: "Do you want to sleep with me?" And while the fire engine bed, Stuart Little and these handsome brown eyes were hard to resist I had to decline.

We had a lovely time!

Today was another great day I was the most productive I think I have been... and I attribute this all to Jill the Osteo as my baby was the most fabulicious smiley, happy, SLEEPY boy!

So I finally got to put together a book for Will made with a blank board book from Carolann and Kal's Cool Art 4 cool babies. SuPeR CooL!

I also made Will's Thank-you cards... very simple and easy but great to have them done!

The plunket nurse came today but that story will need to wait till tomorrow as I've got stuff I NEED to do and that's not blogging. :-) Should say though that I changed the settings now so anyone in the world can make a comment on the blog.

...for reading today!

More creating...

Yay, I finished my Book of Me Challenge page... about what I know of my birth. And then I did a very quick first page for Will titled "My new little Chick". I will probably post again later but for now all is silent and still so I'm going to hit the scrapping table again and do a couple of things before he wakes again I hope.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008




Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Monday?

Well I tell you I could just stare at the pictures in that last post all day long!! Both of them just fill me with contentment!

The weekend was spent just hanging out for some of us...

A bit of post bedtime messing around.... grrrrrrr

And some serious concentration on lovely stories (Will prefers the words to the pictures).

We are reading a Maisy story by Lucy Cousins. I love Maisy and would attribute her with some of Kieran's self taught early reading. The stories are just so easy to read and nice and down to earth. I recommend 'Maisy Makes Gingerbread' and 'Maisy's Bedtime' Maisy and Panda on the loo are just too cute.

Today my sweet boy stayed asleep when we got home from dropping the kids off so I had time for more creativity... hooray!!!!....

I can't claim any credit for the design they are from the 2007 "Designing with" Calendar by Autumn Leaves. They are for Baby Kaya who I will get to see tomorrow and Baby Lilly who I hope to catch up with soon. And one for Baby McDonald who will be making his appearance in the world some time in the next month.

Someone had a great appointment with Jill the Osteo today, lucky for me it was Will. Hopefully we will now see a kick in of the treatment. Jill's not sure exactly what's troubling him most as he has symptoms for 3 different things going on. If the sleep he had this afternoon (3.25 hrs) is anything to go on though, things are already looking up.

After he woke up I gave him a nice massage too and now I owe the kids one as well. :-) Tomorrow is two whole months and thanks to this afternoon's wonder sleep I have made the two month photo montage so look out for that hopefully in the morning. And now it's time to get him to bed for the night.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Smile Sigh

So the sigh is one of those great 'PHEW- aaahhhhhh' exhales... I finally created yesterday. I just threw all plans out the window and tidied my table and with Will STILL asleep sat down at it. And made this.

It is a MDF letter on a 6x6in canvas. For the scrappers among you the background is Daisy D's, the W is covered in My Minds Eye, the chipboard is K & co. and the tag is MOD.

Having this done is super satisfying as it completes this ....

Which had been hanging up on the wall in the lounge with a sad little nail in that bottom rht corner just waiting for it's art.

The smile is a whole other story. The joy of Will's 366 project is that I am taking photos of him everyday and as he was wearing a new top yesterday I propped him up briefly to take some pics of his royal handsomeness and unprovoked got these (Like I could provoke them if I did try)...

There was even an accompanying giggle- as Merenia would oft say;
"Would you believe it?!"

Friday, February 15, 2008

Old stuff, new stuff, fun stuff, stuff to do stuff.

Loads of stuff to tell and show... so it's a pain to be typing with one hand, but there's a cute boy asleep on the other so what can you do???

B is for baby and best laid plans which do not mix. Yesterday was huge! first full on supermarket shop just me and Will. He normally does a full on sleep in the morning so I figured that'd be the best time to go. Took the front pack as my back-up plan- he always sleeps when I squish him in there... no and no. Awake by the deli, front pack by cereal (aisle 4), breast feeding by cleaning (aisle 8). So many people commented on his pitiful wailing that I had to feed him. Then every second shopper said how I had my hands full. Fortunately he slept again by the checkout and we made it almost home before the wailing started again, I was extremely unpopular for putting the frozen's away before attending to his highness.

N is for naughty and nuisance sitting astride an inflatable ring. Happened to catch Ruby in the act as I was taking some pictures in the scrapbooking room. I did knock on the window to try and discourage her, but lets face it she's a cat she has a mind of her own. At least I know where to check for holes if it starts going down again. And of course Ruby will have nice clean insides as the water is chlorinated!

W is for wood and Will which featured strongly in my valentines day. Les gave me this (below) for Valentines day the left is the front and the dots are phillips head screws. He was going to paint it for me but figured I might want to alter it so he left it bare. This gift had been surreptitiously hyped leading up to Valentines day so when it was presented I was completely befuddled.

But it turns out it's the mount for this ....

Which is about 30cm high and SOLID brass. I collect G's this is one of my bigger and cooler ones... Les started the G thing when he gave me my favourite one a couple of years ago for my birthday.

Will joined us for Valentines evening...

And gave Les a present of his own making...

Y is for Yay and Yummy stuff to do awaiting me patiently on my scrapping table. That lot above arrived earlier in the week via Jacqui, trade me and Laserline. On top is a W for a monogram canvas for Will. And a caterpillar puzzle that I need to paint up, also obviously for Will. Under are a couple of words, of which the large Y is a part of, these will also be altered/decorated and you'll see them later in the year. Major fun when I prioritise the time to create! That will happen soon or I might burst.

From the same place I also got this for my collection...

And these which are also made of acrylic. There's 7 of them and I'm going to make them into a very cool album about our family.

P is for petite and perfect out on Patrols. Friday is my day that I have assigned to help at school. Kieran is on Patrols so I told Mr Hounsel that I'd do his patrol for the term if it's not raining. It was raining but we were organised so I did it anyway.

After then I went and grabbed the homework books from Merenia's class to mark for Mrs James. Merenia had a reliever today so I told the class they better be good or I'd tell Mrs James... they totally believed me.

Patrols was interesting today I hadn't seen Kieran do patrols before. It's very cool to see him understand the seriousness of the situation. But very surprising to see how nervous he is about it. He was calling today, which means he makes the judgment on traffic and says "Sign's Out". Unless the call was obvious he was quite hesitant, which is sort of a good thing, and sort of bad if he has already started to make the call and then changes his mind. It doesn't help at all that his partner feels the need to 'approve' all his calls, by checking to see if there is in fact someone crossing and whether he agrees on Kieran's timing for the Sign's out call. So it goes...

K: " s-s-s signs.... out"
J: "Um... yes... ok... signs out, wait please"
and so on...

Will on the other hand appears to be great at patrols see.....

T is for today and time to play and create and have fun... I hope.