Sunday, March 30, 2008

More Movies...


Merenia The firefighter...

A little blue

Lots and nothing going on around here lately. The nothing relates to the fact that Will still isn't doing the best sleeping during the day and if I want sanity at night I need to spend a lot of time just sitting while he sleeps in my arms... which is surprisingly tiring. The other thing making life hard is de Quervain's tenosynovitis. Which has led to this...

Normally they just splint it, but mother's cheat so mothers get casts! really unimpressed by that. I got it on Thursday which was pay day and therefore normally shopping day not this week... the idea of loading and packing and unloading a trolley load of groceries with Will is hard enough but with a cast??? Yeah I don't think so.

Before that we were making some good progress in learning how to use this....

But now it's a little too hard which is a real bugger as now is when I really could use it!

So the week that's passed me by, lots of things to tell...

Wednesday I was talking to Kieley she had a Sesame street/Electric company issue. This lead to time spent on You Tube looking at old kids show videos- thanks for the enabling Kieley.
Sesame Street: The singing orange, the sign said one way, and the golden AN, among others and the Muppet Show Star Wars Pt 1, pt 2, pt 3. Way cool! This is a bugbear of mine with only one or two exceptions the programming for children now is crap... If I could own a kids channel I'd play Sesame st, the muppets, danger mouse, play school, children on the dogstar, under the moutain, and other such cool stuff.

Thursday before the cast we got our 'free' car seat from plunkett and the Waitakere Licensing trust. This was both good and incredibly stressful. I went to do it a couple of months back but only had a copy of Wills birth certificate not the original- the lady 'S' was RUDE- you would think I was the worlds dumbest person for bring a photocopy. Anyway Wednesday pm went to find the original and couldn't I was verging on tears for the next hour while I looked and then again the next morning while I wasted precious Will sleep time- I don't think it was because I couldn't find it but because of 'S' she really had made me feel like crap and honestly who needs that on a good day let alone when you are dealing with life with a little dude. I eventually found it in an unlikely place after making a lot of messes in other places (kitchen table, lounge, scrapbook table) which I now have to tidy up again! Anyway I went back with trepidation... S served me and she is still bitter and twisted and rude and a abrupt. She said that the reason they need an original BC is because anyone could just copy one.... true but they couldn't also copy my discharge papers from the hospital and they'd have to stalk my letter box to get the power account. And she never even checked my ID to see if I was the person named in the documents as being related to Will. I could easily get original birth certificates of lots of Waitakere born babies if I wanted they print their names and dates of birth in the paper along with their parents names when the local rag photographer comes along! But anyway thank-you Waitakere Licensing Trust for the car seat and plunket I would have "donated" more than the mandatory $25 if it wasn't for your cranky employee 'S'.

Kieran's teeth were finally properly fixed and I also went to Spotlight and got some cool stuff... and ripped off- ALWAYS check your docket at Spotlight they are hopeless!!!

Friday- school and home a standard day. Mrs James and Ms Corsan I hope you are both feeling better!

Saturday Les took Merenia to the Emergency Services Expo at North Harbour stadium.

No.1 good thing; Daddy and daughter day.
No.2 good thing; She's wanted to go to the stadium for ages.
No.3 good thing; Cool rides

No.4 good thing; Beating the fireman

No.5 good thing; Free stuff
No.6 good thing; Burger King on the way home
No.7 good thing; Hello? All of the emergency services in one place including helicopters and all for a gold coin donation!!!! Merenia's Dreams come true!

Me and Will hung on the couch I watched Sicko... I found it really upsetting and I have a lot to say about it and a whole bunch of other stuff but that will need to wait till I get this cast off! because I am a slow enough typist as it is.

Last night Kieran went with Elliot to the Blues Game which reminded me I didn't post pics from the game he went to with Les....

Merenia made this sign which she asked Les to take. I texted him during the game and told him she wanted photos of it... she didn't really but I had a hunch he'd left it in the car... he did, so he was freaking out a bit and they had to do a mock photo when they got back to the car...

Last night when I rediscovered my scrapping table I finally finished this...

And as this blog can never get enough of Will.... here's what the best thing to do with your hands is....

More Movies later... Wills awake AGAIN.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I see me

I had a scrapbook page to do for a web challenge about how I see myself... I realised that I view myself via what I do and don't do for Les and the kids- not necessarily healthy but true. This is the page another digital one I've made it quite small so you can't read it because it's just a bit personal

Will Tube

I have now joined the internet video age with a seeshareremember you tube account so now you can see us laugh, move and chatter....

Here is Will in "Belly laugh"

And here is Will in "Where's the baby?"

There's some truth in this...

Although it's actually more like this...

This morning has gone to pieces already. After a near miss with a little wee. It started with a complete new nappy failure approximately two steps away from the change table resulting in an almost complete change of clothes. We went into school so Will fell asleep in my arms and stayed asleep in his carseat when we got home. UNTIL approximately 2 spoonfuls after I sat down with my honey puffs. You should of seen us I was carefully trying to eat my honey puffs over Will- skillfully managing to avoid getting any milk on him. He meanwhile had taken a break from snacking to see what I was doing leaving my left breast to effortlessly accomplish what I was trying to avoid... milk all over the baby. Now he's on me trying to go back to sleep which is typical as we have a Dr's appointment in 15 minutes.

Now to the cool stuff the designs on the corner of my photos are made with something called 'brushes'. You use them in Adobe Photoshop and if you go hunting you can find lots of them for free for personal use on the www. Essentially they work a lot like a stamp. With the big exception being you can resize them any size you want. I have also added a drop shadow and beveling to all but the top purple one... and I have just messed around really quickly. But my whole point is that these designs in particular are also produced by Fontwerks as stamp sets here and here. They are my favourite stamps of all time and so I was stoked to find the designer's website with the brushes and some other awesome brushes as well so... big plug for Jason Gaylor from Designfruit. Super cool!

We are back from the Dr now with another prescription (boo and hopefully Yay). Will is having a super sleepy day... if only he would do this in his bed not on my chest!

I made something cool last night with power tools hopefully I'll get it finished later (I'm inspired to use those stamps on it now) and then I may just try and post again.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Becoming a convert

I will always love the tactileness of paper scrapbooking and I never really believed I would become a digital convert... but there's something really good about being able to do almost exactly what I want! And fast too! Last night I completed a 12 page digi album- I can't post it yet as I think the recipient may be a reader... soon though.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Did you see it?

In that last post...


That's where you are ordained Minister of the Disco.... (a step up from Master of the Jive).

So how do you spell it?

I-t ! Haha Kieran and Mira's would be laughing over that one- get it? How do you spell it?

But seriously...

Dis-co-ordination That's like hood speak for saying that Co-ordination is 'Whack'. (You know dissin' it)

Dis- coordination That's just lazy talk for when you talkin' 'bout dis coordination over here rather than dat coordination over 'dere.

Is it even a word?

Frenzied bathroom activity

With a title like that you'd think this story might be quite gross and while it did have some hairy moments it's not so bad unless your name is Sylvia... in which case you'd probably be squealing and running in the opposite direction.

Here's Ruby paying some serious attention to the bathmat which she has totally messed up with her jumpy playfulness. I took the photos and then showed them to Les voicing my concern over her total fascination with the mat in question. At which point we both went down to the bathroom to find the scenario continuing. So Les carefully lifted the mat and as suspected the mouse ran out and the cat went mental. Fortunately the mouse ran further into the bathroom and so did the cat... out of the bathroom would have been a disaster. We, on the other hand, did go out and closed the door. NO! we didn't leave Ruby to finish the job. We (Les) went back with an ice cream container and a piece of card. After some flurries and excitement (the cat) darting and terror (the mouse) nervousness and disco-ordination (Les) the mouse was under the ice cream container. The hairy moment came when the mouse got his hairy nose stuck under the rim of the container while Les was trying to slide the card under it. (That's the bit where I squealed). The mouse was set free over by the neighbouring house away from marauding cats. The cat is still guarding the bathroom today... she's a bit dim like that.

As promised here are the pictures of the V8 Album all finished... (The tin is an old film canister. Les spray painted it black and made the stickers on the vinyl cutter- it's supposed to look like a wheel on the silver side.)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

a few yummy new things

Yesterday was cool Kieran stayed at Jakes another night and I have to say when one of the big kids goes away things are much calmer at home. The Morning was kind of boring finally did the shopping. But the afternoon was cool as we did some interesting stuff.....

It started out when I gave Merenia a 1.5l bottle of coke and a packet of Mentos...

and ended in a blaze of bubbles on the driveway... if you want to see better results than ours check this out.

In the afternoon we headed to Spotlight and Merenia did some easter craft and me and Les brought this....

It looks better in real life... it's going to be made into a hands free baby kit... aka a sling. And not a moment to soon either. Will is doing the whole "you held and fed me 24/7 for the first 9 months of my life why can't you do that now huh huh????" And he says that in a kind of screaming voice reasonably frequently and for quite prolonged periods.

Fun Fact: Did you know babies cries measure approx 113 db. Our baby is a known overachiever!

Speaking of crying babies... this is Cameron Gordon McDonald Harrison...

He actually doesn't cry that much apparently because his (first time) parents are either awesome or got super lucky! Either way he's lovely and we were pleased to meet him on our way home yesterday.

Last night after watching So you think you can dance with M we headed off to the Sbooking room and I finally completed Logan's V8 Album and it looks primo (pictures soon). And rather fittingly we had C4 on the background it's Bogan weekend and they were playing the Top 100 Bogan Anthems Yeah baby!! (They're repeating it again now it's well worth checking out- see if you can guess no.1.)

This morning was a plethora of Easter adventures...

Here's Will making a couple of finds...

And here's Merenia missing the obvious. (Bright pink magazine by Les' bike)

And here she is 5 minutes later finally finding it!

Les is off flying for the day, the baby is getting cranky again, it's a pork roast for diner, Merenia's playing her new horse PC game, George Thorogood is bad to the bone at no. 90, and I wanna scrapbook... finally this is a great idea ... anyone wanna try it sometime?

Have a sweet day!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy + Easter

We're just hanging out this Easter doing nothing much at all... although hopefully I will manage more scrapbooking than just getting the V8 Album put together.

Today we just have the 2 children as Kieran has headed off for a sleepover at a friends place.

One thing I will be doing is stopping by the supermarket to get a whole bunch of these...

Before they are gone for another 10 months. Hot uncrossed buns have been a staple part of my diet for the past couple of months. I have to have Quality Bakers nothing else will do and I always pick the crosses off, Yuk!

Wednesday was cool The mother Rae bunny delivered treats for the kids and Merenia came home with cool treats for me from the very thoughtful Shannon- Thanks!!!!

Not drinking milk doesn't seem to be helping in fact I think Will is getting worse again and I have run out of Marmalade... so I booked an appointment for W with Dr Farmer and had myself a big old cold Milo!

Look out for online video of the boy sometime soon... Will's going to go You Tube for full effect!

Inspired by Kal we did a photo shoot for Easter....

Have a good one!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

3 months and other ramblings

Ok I have other stuff to do but this morning is obviously a thinking morning so here are my thoughts...
I was inspired by this blog and think I may just have to add a few of those to my blog from time to time. So today, the photos that I didn't take were;
  • At school when I dropped the kids off this morning (still in PJ's again, jeese I hope the car doesn't break down one of these days)... anyway We pulled up alongside Maddy T who was wandering dreamily into school. And when she turned and saw who was in the car beside her she just cracked her massive smile that I so love seeing. She is such a sweet girl and she really does just beam when she smiles you can so tell that her joy is completely genuine.
  • The photo I didn't take on the way home was one of those classic sunbeams through the clouds shots. It's quite a grey day here (the weather obviously saw my washing load) and the sun was pretty glorious in it's efforts to break through those strong grey masses it looked awesome.
Will was (unsurprisingly) gorgeous when we got home. Today he woke at 7:15 which means that he is ready for bed again by 8:15 which is of course about 5 minutes before we jump in the car to go to school. Some days he just goes to sleep in the carseat and others like today he fights sleep all the way there and back and has a quick drink before nodding off and being put in bed. Today he fought it, we got home and I took him and lay him on his wrap on the bed. He cried for seconds and then went real quiet. I wrapped him up and he stirred a little. I picked him up and he stirred a little. I put him down and deep sleep was instant.

Merenia was being thoughtful this morning so she got me out the "Marmalade Breakfast Jam" I have to say I am glad that I am not too tired at the moment as I probably wouldn't have noticed her error till to late...

I had to laugh at this too this morning...

Lucky she's doing lots of splling practice I think.

I'm not having milk at the moment to make sure that it is not what's bothering Will- god it's hard I miss it and now crave things I hardly ever have. I'm also obviously more tired than I feel because I was seriously contemplating a cup of coffee when I was driving home this morning (I don't drink coffee) and I jumped at the chance of a Diet Coke the other day, I'm not in to Diet at all but damn it was good. And yesterday I brought chocolate raisins and I'm not that big on chocolate either. But stimulants are obviously my thing at the moment.

Will is back to spending the period from 4:30pm till 10:30/11pm awake and it's like walking up a hill that gets steeper and steeper as the night goes on. And it also trashes; a) the time that I usually relax in and. b) a big hunk of my time to be creatively productive. I have the pictures printed for the V8 album now and I want to put it together plus I have another digital album to do as well which I want to get onto. I am hanging out to get all this other stuff out of the way so I can scrapbook my family!

The kids found out what their parts are for the production on Monday, I have a Soldier and a Courtier... does that not sound like some tacky love story to you... "The Soldier and the Courtier" I can just see the cover of the Mills and Boon book now.

Finally it's the 19th so you know what that means...

The official 9:38am photo....

The unofficial 9:38am photo.

That my friends is the face of a boy filling his pants!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The last films

I finally got the last 3 films from our pre-digital life processed. 2 B & W and one colour. Because the B & W's were a random type they had to go off to the Lab in town and I got them back late last week. The pictures were taken in January of 2007. There were some particularly good ones in there of the Cats and Les and a classic Kieran paddying out pair (I haven't caught that on film before and I know he won't thank me but I am SO scrapbooking it!).... B & W is yummy film to work with... very cool...

Monday, March 17, 2008

the post also known as...

  • Meeting Miss Lily
  • Cutey Patootie
  • Lily and Willie

I couldn't decide.

Will and I had a lovely day today. I admit I went to school in my PJ's but I got to have a shower when I got home... shower in the morning is a good thing!
Then we headed north to see Miss Mannington (also known as Jennie, but she'll always be Miss Mannington to us).
I forgot how nice it is to escape the world in this direction. Everything just seems to open up once you get past Woodhill and it gets greener and cleaner and more relaxed. Jennie and Terry have a lovely old Villa with lots of wood that reminded me of where I did most of my growing up in Leith St, Dunedin.
The babies were both a tad crankety and crotchety when they first met but they soon settled and so the Mama's just sat back with Babes in arms and admired them and stroked their tiny feet while we talked and talked and talked about babies, the universe and everything but most especially babies.
In fact we talked so much when I asked Jennie the time we had totally missed lunch and afternoon tea and I had 6 minutes to do the 25 minute drive to pick up the kids (I thought it was around 1:30- 2 o'clockish!!) Time really does fly when you are having fun. Lucky for me Les was right next door and he picked up the 2 some and dropped them to the Carringtons where I met them... a very happy ending.... and now with out any further messing around here's the yummy part of this post.... Miss Lily meets Master Willie...

Lily had a rough start to life and was only little when she was born but she's now doubled that in 7 weeks so like Will she has the hang of this growing thing down pat. What got me is it was only 12.5 weeks ago that Will was that light and I really can't remember it... and now he's so heavy I need medical help for my poor baby carrying arm!

Already sharing secrets.

I tell you if Lily had have known that she even had hands and if Will remembered that he discovered his on the weekend it would have been an even more beautiful thing! I'm not one for arranged marriages especially in one so young... but I tell you Miss M would be one cool Mama-in-law!

She's got a little smile action going on here... I think it's the "I- know- you're- not- my- Mum- but- you- still- smell- like- Boob- Juice- so- I'm- cool- with- it look!

And here's Will being decidedly unfriendly with our friend Trae and his Mum Linda... he's normally very charming with new people but I think he was getting a bit tired or maybe missing Lily already! Thanks Jennie for the awesome day of doing very little we'll do it again soon. And thanks Carringtons for taking in the kids when their Mama neglected them and also for the lovely boy stuff! Hooray for good friends.