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Easter Treats

Merenia was keen to make an Easter gift for all the kids in her class and Will of course decided to get in on the act. So we started a production line over two days to produce the Gingerbread Rabbits and Eggs. Which we packaged up like so....

I also put together a little holiday care package for the teachers; Gingerbread, Tea, a magazine and some lollies and chocolate of course. And addressed them like so.....

 The package also included these packs of Bunny Tails.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Come Play!

So I set myself the task of Scrapping a page a day in April- prior to the start of April I had done a whole bunch of pages and felt like I was in the swing. But then Life happened as it does and as I write I've on;y just done 2 digital pages! That said I have been creating. Among other things I made a book about the loss of a precious Grandad for a friends 2 year old. And I made these play date invites for Will to give to some of the kids in his class (he chose 2 boys and 4 girls). The house is actually modeled on our own... I was happy with how they turned out!


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Capture your everydays

"Capture your ordinary everydays, for tomorrow that may seem extraordinary."

Friday, April 6, 2012

I want to....

I'm in the process of reading Stacy Julian's Photo Freedom- It's an older book that I've wanted since it came out but only just got around to buying. I'm almost finished it and I'm feeling depressed, confused, overwhelmed and curious.

I was thinking that my photos were quite well organised- I have systems in place. But when I look at the Big Picture and how I now scrapbook and how I want to scrapbook I find that's not the case. I set up systems, and then I changed them and added in bits and started projects/new work flow systems and then abandoned them. I have all sorts of things going down- I have photos in boxes, album, envelopes, Work-in-progress folders and hanging loose as well. And lets not even go there on all the ephemera and bits and pieces It makes SJ's Library of Memories System very appealing! But then I consider the work involved in getting my photos sorted for her system- aye carumba!

But then I think about the value it would have for my future pages. Awesome!

But what about the pages I have already done? Would I swap them to LOM?

And then there's the fact I  didn't really print any photos at all for scrapbooking last year!

And then I think well I want to....

..... finish the last 47 pages I have to do for my Sister.
..... do a few mini album projects I have set aside.
..... keep up with my 365
..... do Ali's Week in the Life (I missed it last year and I'm really sad about that).
...... do a bunch of Digi pages and invest some cash into getting them printed.
..... do some 'tiny tales' pages (My take on Karen Grunbergs amazing Savor Project)
...... just makes pages!

And I really do worry that I am creating a huge storage issue.

There are times in the past 7 months where I have actually thought I'd be easier to give up scrapbooking than to keep going- then I realise how crazy that sounds!

I guess I need someone to talk this over with someone because I just keep going around in circles and it's doing my head in.

Edited to add: It just occurred to me- it would feel good to be organised. And it doesn't feel good right now.I guess that's my answer- still feel overwhelmed though. Maybe some goals, deadlines, and breaking it down into manageable pieces. 

Reading to Panda


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