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365 2009 Photo Book

Last week Snapfish had a 50% off deal on 30x30 Photo Books and the extra pages. This size is relatively new to Snapfish and I hadn't seen them do a special on them before- the extra pages being included is super rare. Unluckily for me I saw the deal on the night it expired. That said I had time to throw two years worth of my 365 pages into two books and make covers for them as well. I have since loaded up the other two years and also Will's 5 years of 365 ready to print. They extended the special a week or so and I am hoping my first two will be ready for pick-up tomorrow so I can check out the results before ordering the next 3 books. At around $44 for each 53 page book (with the discount) it seems quite expensive but the equivalent in scrapbook pages would cost heaps more even before you buy an album. Plus they'd take up more space and wouldn't have the professional looking finish the books will have. To be honest I wasn't sure I'd ever get these pages printed because the full price of the books is really prohibitive- so I'm pretty excited. You can see the inside pages on the blog all the way back to 2009 here.  This is the cover for 2009- which is double the size of the other years with 105 pages- and yet to be ordered.

Intro page.

Back cover- this is the same for all the books.