Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back on the proverbial

Cleaned up the scraproom on Sunday. Purged a HUGE amount of CRAP!!

Scrapbooked yesterday... had to start slow on easy photos because I hadn't done 12x12 pages for so long.... 7 done.... ahhhhhhhh.....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Daily December #27 DVD day

Postponed from the 26th due to Dr Who; Family DVD day; Napoleon Dynamite, Night at the Museum, Blades of Glory (and sometime soon Olive the Other Reindeer), Popcorn, Lollies, Crackers and Dip and Us- just chillin'

340 down to 22 Our Christmas day in pictures

Daily December #25 It's all about family

Yeah baby- right where we wanted to be with the people we wanted to be with Merry Christmas Stockley-Rae Family!!

Daily December #26 Dr Who Marathon

6:30am start
11 hours
11 Episodes
Kieran, Gypsy and Finlay (for the last 2 hours)


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Spreading the Joy ~25

Merry Christmas!

Daily December #24 Lame Lights, Rock Stars, Midnight Maths and spot the difference

So we've just got home from our traditional Mum and kids Christmas Eve expedition to check out the lights in the neighbourhood. We've been from Hobsonville to Greenhithe, Herald Island, Whenuapai, Westgate, Massey and West Harbour and it was the lamest light display on record!! There were two big highlight houses- one new and one old. We also saw a man who provided much amusement for Merenia... I believe he may have had a few drinks this fine Christmas Eve and Merenia said he was acting like a rock star... I would suggest that he was acting a LOT more like a porn star- lucky it was dark so M thought he was strumming his guitar! We saw the people from the temple on Royal Road all dressed up like they did 2000 odd years ago. We discussed Midnight Mass- Merenia wasn't keen but then she's never all that keen for MATHS during the day either. And the finer points of sleigh spotting were also mulled over... as opposed to planes- the lights on Sleighs do not flash. There is also a longer line of lights along the reindeer harness. Of course the differences were meaningless to us because a) it's not after midnight, and b) it's too cloudy- Santa apparently flies above the cloud line.

Spreading the Joy ~24

Advent Stockley Style ~24

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Daily December #23 Giving Time

Today I took the time to catch up with Daniella (aka Yahya) over frappuchinos at Starbucks of course. Daniella was in my GaT class and she and her brother Elliot came and hung out at my place a couple of days a week after school last year (Elly still does). Now she's a big year 9 (almost yr 10) high school chick so we don't get to goss so often... last holidays we did the Starbucks thing and so I figured we might make it something of a tradition!

Spreading the Joy ~23

Advent Stockley Style ~23

Monday, December 22, 2008

Creating goodness...

I've been doing a bit of making here and there and in between lately....

Harrison's Canvas for his birthday and naming on Saturday just past...

An album ready to scrapbook Christmas Day....

And my December Daily which is as of now up-to-date!