Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Daily December #9 Giving Credit

Today (Tuesday) was the prizegiving, Trash-to-Fashion Parade and end-of-year to-do at St Johns (aka Penguins). This term the kids have been working towards their environment badges, which included a trip to Muriwai for a beach clean-up. As well as receiving their badges Brody received a nomination for the Caring Trophy and the Dawson's and Stockley's co-received the Family Award because we work together so well. Merenia spends each Tuesday afternoon at The Dawson's before she gets dropped off to St John's and all there are other bits and pieces along the way that we do for each other that to a certain extent we take for granted... But you know what, I truly believe that it takes a village to raise a child and I'm truly greatful to have the Dawson's in 'our village'! So while it's not really such a big deal week-to-week to drop Brody and Alyssa home after St John's- I think that the Stockley-Dawson's truly deserve that award for all the little stuff that we do for each other all the time. As Joz and I both say; 'Yay!'

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