Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Daily December #17- Giving a hand

Chicken Pox be damned we decided to go see Room 20 and Miss Rae anyway... after all those postcards how could I break their precious little hearts!! (And anyway someone in their class already got the pox a week ago so if they're going to get it they would have got it from him!) I read a couple of cool Christmas Stories and then we did the Spooky House story (one of my personal teacher trademarks)- it culminates in Chocolate unless your allergic in which case you get jewellery. :-) Kieran and Ninja Baby Will did a Ninja demo and we gave out some 'groovy' Navy helicopter postcards. And Will played to his fans... in a big way!!
We also moved some big furniture for Kieley in the 'Mother Trucker' and took some photos. See....

We're going to miss you Room 20! Good Luck guys- be happy and believe you can do anything!

Meanwhile on the other side of town Merenia was on the team 3 & 4 trip to the zoo. I haven't really got the full details on this yet other than the fact that Finlay got bitten by a peacock... karmic justice for the Duck he chased this morning before school! (Thanks to Linda P for the cool photos!!)

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