Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Daily December #1 Giving Love

More than 96 people will soon know that they are important to us! That we care about them even if we don't say so often enough. 96 families will see that in our minds they are worth making the effort for! That's why I send my Christmas cards because all of these people have touched our lives in some way or other and I want them to know that we absolutely 100% care about them while we may not have any contact at all during the year because of the silly busy lives we lead we do still think of them! This year there were 96 envelopes going to 7 countries- 20 were/will be hand delivered, 11 were going overseas, 65 throughout New Zealand from Dunedin to Helensville including 3 which will end up in our letterbox tomorrow most likely. So while some people may think it's silly, or over the top, or may consider it expensive- I'm always going to do it... every November... and come the 1st of December I'll be ready! Cause I think Christmas cards are important- and I think the people we write them for are even more important!

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