Monday, December 22, 2008

Daily December #19 Giving Credit

The morning of the 19th started with Will's birthday (photos in another post) and we did the usual family traditions- presents on the couch, happy birthday letters and such. Will quickly became an expert present un-wrapper and was interested in looking at every present he got.

It was the last day of school today (19th) and it ended as per usual with the final Assembly. For the last 4 years running Kieran has received the achievement award for the Year 6's in his class.
There were a few farewells to be had. I said goodbye to the year 8's from my G.a.T class last year who are moving onto high school. Kiearn said goodbye to some good friends who are leaving for intermediate schools.
Both the kids farewelled their teachers for the year as next year they both have new ones in 2009.

Kieran and Mrs Mallabar.

Merenia and Mrs James.

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