Monday, December 22, 2008

Brandy Snaps, Breakfast, Basket Case and Birthdays

Friday was Will's first birthday and it started like most birthdays do in the Stockley house.

Will soon got in the swing of opening his presents.

And greeted all of his new things with interest and enthusiasm.

He got a lot of books ( no surprises there)- and stopped to look at each one... he is really into 'reading' now- it's lovely!

He got a special present from Harry to remind him of the day we watched Angel hunting the birds outside our window.

On Saturday Will was extremely helpful as we sorted out stuff and tidied up ready for the party/BBQ.

We baked cupcakes instead of a birthday cake... he had Thomas ones and these super sweet 'baby cakes' about the width of an old 50 cent piece.

Being already well practised at opening presents he was into the swing when his friends started arriving... he got some Duplo from Shannon and Lisa and it has been well played with by ALL the boys in the house already!

He had some snuggles with Granny and Pop!

And he also went out and did the BBQ thing with the other menfolk- Aneil brought him back inside at one point- it was cool to see that Will is really comfortable with the people we consider 'family'.

The cupcakes went down a treat!

It's a shining example of my poor mothering that Kieran got to the age of 11 without knowing what a Brandy Snap is and so on Friday night we had them for pudding. On Sunday morning we used the left over cream from the Brandy Snaps and the left over french bread from BBQ to have french toast with cream and maple syrup for breakfast....

... we ate outside. Life doesn't get much better than this!

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