Friday, December 5, 2008

My Personal Wish List for the Cosmos!!

Warning! There are people in my life, lovely sweet people, kind hearted amazing people- YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! You are expressly FORBIDDEN to use either of the lists below... these lists are for the cosmos NOT YOU.

Fantasy Shopping is something we do every so often... we look through a catalogue or the property press and decide what we would buy.

This is my top 10 Fantasy Shopping List; ( For if I don't get the winning Powerball numbers BEFORE the draw)

1. A LARGE house with a 'Kieley House' and a purpose built and refurbished Scrapbooking room and an amazing garden with a pool and playground built for entertaining. And a flying field.
2. An all expenses paid trip to the Dentist- I need a lot of stuff done some cosmetic and some functional.
3. A trip to CK University
4. If I have to stay in MQ then I'd like a full clean from top to toe- every room in the house!
5. And If I have to stay in MQ then I'd like a Fence solid timber six foot... all the way around.
6. A PA/House Keeper so all I have to do when Will is sleeping is scrapbook.
7. Two big raised garden beds for veges
8. For Elle McPherson/Bendon to bring out the old style of Bra/crop top that I love.
9. And If I have to stay in MQ then I'd like new Lino.
10. Three weeks of solid Scrapbooking!

Top 14 semi-realistic Wish list (not including scrapbooking stuff that's in the another post)

1. A trip to the dentist for the 4 worst holes.
2. A mini House clean- kitchen, loo and bathroom
3. 1-6 really good pairs of Jeans- brought because they fit properly and I like them, not because they fit vaguely and they're cheap.
4. To find that Pillowcase I lost.
5. A cabinet/sideboard that suits the storage ahortfall I currently have.
6. New Underwear.
7. A smoked salmon bagel from the cafe on Base- no capers.
8. Saskia's garden finished.
9 A pineapple slicer.
10. Romeo and Juliet on DVD's (Baz Lhurman's one- I'd like the old one as well, but Claire Danes and the guy who plays Tybalt are both HOT!)
11. Olive the Other Reindeer.
12.One of those Mandolin slicer thingees
13. A Boinker for my car.
14. An upgrade on the Vacuum cleaner.

There you have it Cosmos- Bring it on!!!

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