Sunday, December 7, 2008

Daily December #7: Giving the thumbs up!

Not the day I had planned but then nobody listens to my plans anyway. Kieran went to Jakes and Merenia, Will and I decided to sample the wares from the Fresh Fruit IceCream (frozen yoghurt) Place just past the turn off to Jakes on the way to Kumeu. I had the Strawberry, Merenia had the 'all mixed up' and Will had a cone.
Karen was going to drop Kieran home but Merenia and I decided to do some market research and comparison shopping so we called and said we'd pick K up. On the way home we stopped by the strawberry place closer to Westgate to sample their wares....

Slightly more expensive, heaps bigger, only one flavour, fresh strawberry on the top... in my book it was the winner but Merenia was keen on the flavour of her first one.
Will just growled when I tried to take his cone away... I was trying to put the ice cream in it....

It went down a treat!

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