Thursday, December 4, 2008

Daily December #3: Giving Hope

Today we delivered a large package to Jozlyn to deliver to her friend who works for Women's Refuge.
The package is for 5 year old 'M'. M's Mum isn't really in a great position to be throwing a big Christmas this year so we are helping out. It could be that the presents we gave are the only ones that M gets this year.
Normally we put a gift under the K Mart Wishing tree but this year it's different we have a name and an age... and we have a tiny snippet of background... that made it both harder and easier to get our Good Will gift this year. I probably went a bit overboard... in fact I am a little worried that if M has brothers or sisters there will be an imbalance and as a Mum I know all too well the call of 'it's not fair'- that's the hard part.
On the positive side knowing the small details that we do I feel a lot more connected with M and her Mum... for the first year we also got a (small) present for M's Mum. We'd love to be able to invite M and her mum to join us for Christmas Dinner or something... we'd love to be able to do something more- to make a real connection. It's not really possible I don't think. So we'll have to be content with what we have done... and what we've done feels pretty good- so that's cool. Merry Christmas M and your Mum! May 2009 be a truly good one for you, love Us. xo

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