Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Spotty Dotty Baby Boy

I guess the thing Will most wants for his birthday is to be better for his party....

He's not a very happy chappy and hasn't really been all week- lots of naps in mama's arms and just general crankiness. He has a lot of spots on his face and head and a disproportionate amount around his privates- what's with that?? The first spots arrived yesterday and this morning they had tripled if he keeps doing that for the next few days he'll be covered. It's funny though because his spots are little compared to Merenia's so it's like they are in proportion to his wee body!

Kieran is gutted that he doesn't have spots yet... he had them programmed in for this week so he could get back to school by the Ice Skating Trip. And if he catches them off Will he'll have them just in time for Christmas. :-(

And I'm kind of gutted as I'm now missing the choir trip to the old folks home and am probably going to have to cancel Ninja's Baby's last visit to Miss Rae and Room 20 at Torbay and I had a huge cleaning list to make the place look half decent for Will's BBQ next Saturday.... and a few craft related items to finish before Christmas... which I am just too tired to face by the end of the day.

I am almost out of pictures for the Blog Advent and as we STILL (furniture needs to be moved) haven't got the tree up I don't have a lot left to photograph at the moment (all the pictures have been taken by me around our house). I did get out on the lawn yesterday with some treats from the lovely Miss Wendy though so those pics will be coming soon... althought my one handed photoshop skills are a little limited and my spotty dotty baby is monopolising the other arm/hand!

Such is life I guess.

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