Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Daily December #2: Giving Thanks

In the good old days we used to put beer out on the last rubbish collection and we'd leave a bottle of wine for the postie. In the good old days you'd get a calendar from your corner dairy, hairdresser, butcher, fishmonger, 4 Square and green grocer - heck I think we even got one from the petshop one time.
These days the postie and the rubbish guys have to e.s.p our kind thoughts and as we don't live in a small town where traditions are carried on we are only going to get a calendar from the video store! That said it is good to show gratitude, and where yesterday's cards showed those closest to us that we care todays gift is for people who touch our life often but aren't so close... and who better than those lovely barista's who make my Frappuccino!

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