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Impromptu Invite

We had a real party for a fake birthday at out place today... so I very quickly put an invite together for the birthday boy....

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tag your it....

A simple project to name the baskets on our new side table.... so everyone knows where to find their junk.

In case you're wondering: Tama has no junk and I get a whole drawer for mine.

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One Little Word: Month 1

This is the first months prompts for the One Little Word Class I am doing at Big Picture Classes. The supply list called for 4x6 pockets for the smaller page but I couldn't get those here so I am just using some 6x6's and adding 2 inches of pattered paper on the side.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tama's Pregnancy Album

Just edited highlights....

 Not the album I would have chosen- but the only 6x6 I could find. It's gate fold- I think if I'm feeling flush at some point in the future I'll buy a replacement.

There's 20 pages in all and I should really photograph every one so I still have the record on the back-up EHD if the house goes up in flames- but for blogging purposes this is all you need. :-)

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365 2012 Week 1

As you can see I am bringing Simple into my life by streamlining the way I put together my 365. No patterned paper to have to agonise over. No titles to colour. No day stickers on each photo and much, much, shorter journalling. While I would love to do this project as a paper album I don't have the time or resources. This still tells the story of our year plus you get to see the progression of the small people to bigger people.

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Daily December 2011 Days 21 - 25

Day 21- Mostly spent at home and the Dentist.

I cannot tell you just how excited I was to get this package from my friends at Starbucks in Auckland- talk about exciting! I totally wasn't expecting it and I was seriously, seriously ecstatic when I opened the package!


 Day 23- Deciding to order the shopping for Dec/Jan online and have it delivered was probably the biggest stroke of genius I had in 2011- SO good! So simple and SO easy!!

 Day 24- Tama hits six months and gets to finally eat FOOD!

Les takes the kids out for the Christmas Eve Neighbourhood lights drive.

Christmas Day!!

In the past I have taken this album right though to January- but the end of 2011 was a lot more low key than in the past and I have less time for scrapbooking at the moment so I stopped at 25 to keep things Simple and easy.

The end piece.