Friday, July 29, 2011

New Special Albums

The kids were running out of space in their special albums and knowing that the new baby would also need one as well I went surfing on trade me and found this  Kim from Moki Design (you can find her on Etsy too) who kindly agreed to send me 4 packs of unbound albums so that I could cover them myself- very handy as at that point I didn't even know if Tama was a boy or a girl. I finally completed them last week and am very happy with the finished product. 
NB: Kim was super helpful and lovely. She took the time to write me instructions for the binding and  even offered to let me send her the papers for the covers so she could put them together- I didn't need this as I have my bind-it-all- but I really appreciated the time and effort she put in and the quality of the service and product.

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