Thursday, August 4, 2011

June DT: Dad's Hat

I'm normally a 'judge it by eye' scrapbooker- not a 'measure and check make it exact' scrapbooker. I also like to lay out the page first and then of course I have to lift it all up and stick it back down again. I have a couple of tricks that I use to help me. The first is a Sewing and Knitting gauge which I picked up very cheap at a local emporium (Ike's: I'm going to miss you!). You can see it on the left in the picture. It's easy to adjust the little red thing and butt it up against the edge of my base cardstock to make sure that the top and bottom of whatever I am sticking down is the same distance from the edge. 

The other thing that I do is add pencil marks in places where they won't be seen so that I can realign the pieces I am sticking down in the same place that I had laid them out. You can see that in the inset top right of the picture above.


Kaisercraft Loire Valley- Iris
Bazzill- Crimson
Making Memories Shimmer Flourishes
Alphabet Avenue - Summer Black Alpha
Henzo Photo Splits
Tombo Mono Glue
Other: Pen

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