Monday, February 23, 2015

LOAD 215-22 Ex Libris

Todays prompt related to us as readers today and maybe what has changed over time.
My journalling reads: I have always and will always be a reader. But certainly a lot has changed during my lifetime of reading. I read more online. I buy more of my books online. I belong to 3 libraries and have left behind 4 (plus the school ones). I read more books to the kids than I do to myself. I have apps and websites to help me catalog my collection and reading desires. I still love alot of the same authors but my list of favourites gets longer most months. I read more fiction for adults than ever before- lots of crime stuff, surprisingly. My favourite store now is Crow Books. I still make my own books only more professionally. I have 7 full book shelves in my house- lots of boxes in our move. But I still have a hard time deciding which books I am happy to swap at the Book Swap Shop. I don’t have as much time to read but as always my sidetable is as overflowing with books.

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