Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Handmade Christmas

While I would have dearly loved to join Paula in her decoration a day in December it just wasn't going to be an option for me this year. I was actually intending on doing a decoration a day through November and posting them through December-as that month is just toooo busy but with all the back and forth about going to Perth and such it just never happened- probably a good thing as November was a pretty rough and busy month. That said I did make some Christmas decorations this year for our tree....

I had five polystyrene stars that I got the year before on a good deal from Ikes. And used Mod podge and a variety of other glues to essentially papier mache tissue paper to the stars.

I used a silver as a base and then covered that in white with silver stars.

The tissue was temperamental and it wasn't a particularly fun job to do!

Lets just say they looked 'rustic' once covered.

I used green and red Making memories glitter 'paints' to add a bit of a sparkle to each star.

It's kind of gummy and weird but looks ok once it is dry and the glitter doesn't come off which is the final product that I wanted!

I then sprayed radiant rain to colour some small doily's that I was given by the wonderful Miss Wendy.

I love the print on the paper after you pick them up....

I then used beads and wire to make five pairs of hanging beady things. :-)

With hind sight I would have used cotton rather then wire for a more natural fall on these once attached to the stars.

Results tomorrow.

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