Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sassa, my love.

My box arrived today! About 20 minutes ago in fact.

 If you have ever wondered if these babies are worth it then I can tell you they are! To get one here is US$75 which at the exchange rate the week before last was NZ$95.

If I was to spend $95 retail on Sassafras here in NZ I would get about this much....

But in my box I also got these..... (37 papers!)

and these.... (15 sheets of stickers!)

and this MOTHER LOAD of embellishments many of which I have never owned despite my absolute adoration for Sassafras... they just haven't been in the budget but now they're all mine! :-)

So in other words.... bring on Kindy! Because I have a great big box of Sassafras goodness and I'm heading for the scrapbook room.

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Natalie Elphinstone said...

Wowza!! What a great big box of goodness. Looks amazing. So jealous!!