Friday, May 27, 2011

You listen to Classic Hits that's how...

I was trying to brainstorm the other day for a scrapbook LO that would be cool to make:"The Sound Track of My Life" I pretty much drew a blank.

And then this morning I went to the Supermarket and they were playing a Simply Red song. The first ever concert I went to was Roxy Music at the Dunedin Town Hall- I don't really remember it. But I strongly recall going to 3 Simply Red Concerts over the course of a few years in Christchurch with my Dad (and at times others). The first time was definitely my favourite as I just remember it as me and he and he got me the T-shirt.

When I jumped in the car after the supermarket the radio which Les had obviously changed to Classic Hits was playing Lily Allen. Which reminds me very strongly of Kieley- she gave me the CD not long before we stopped being friends and I listened to it heaps. I have amusing memories of the big kids singing the song with the Lyrics that sound a lot like 'THANK-you' except it's not 'thank' it's another word that rhymes with Truck- it took the kids a few renditions to figure that out.

What full Friday at home with a cold is complete with out a Frap? So I headed to Starbucks :-). When I got back in the car they were playing Tubthumping by Chumbawampa. When I was about 34 weeks pregnant with Kieran Les got posted back to Auckland after Senior Course. I hadn't managed to find a home before we got back so was just quietly living in Barracks (yes two of us, one with a big baby belly, in a single bed in a tiny barrack room)- during the day I watched a LOT of TV main Juice- the free music channel back then and the Chumbawampa song was the song of choice back them it probably got played every hour!!

In the space of about 15 minutes I now have 3 songs for the sound track of my life... there were a couple more possibilities during the rest of the drive too... Classic Hits- thanks.

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