Monday, January 5, 2009

Last of the DD's

Ok so as you can see I am in holiday mode and the blog is taking a back seat while I read and scrapbook and swim and gallivant and do other odds and sods. Today's post is a bit of a catch up as I have just gone to sit down and finish my Daily December Album only to realise that I don't have any journalling for the last few days of December. So with no further ado....

Daily December #28

After the previous days jaunt to Albany Mall for the day after boxing day sales and mini movie marathon. Today was spent quite simply at home eating left overs, playing, swimming, tiding the scrapbooking room and just generally relaxing... what better day really- this is what holidays are all about.

Daily December #29

Scrapbooking room tidy. I scrapbooked. Not nearly for the whole day as I would have wished but there is a baby to take care of and a family to socialise with. 7 pages was a nice bunch though so there's a good dose of satisfaction here!

Daily December #30
Having been keen to practically stay the night on Christmas Eve I suggested to Kieran's friend Jake that we would be hanging as a family until at least the 29th. This was taken by both boys to mean "Jake can come on the 29th" and so the phone rang around 9:01am. I have to admit as I was busy in the scraproom when he was here I didn't get any photos of the various computer, swimming, electronic and sporting antics they got up to and so this is a make up photo... but you get the gist!

Daily December #31
There's a lot of renewed and new interest in Lego and Duplo in our house with all three kids on the receiving end of new packs from Santa. It's the good inventive fun sort of play that I really like even if it does involve a truck load of mess.

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