Friday, June 11, 2010

Ideas for Stamping

I wrote this list for myself a while back and thought it might be nice to share. Most scrapbookers have a fairly generous stash of stamps many (most) of which we don't use or use enough. It's a really cost effective way to add to your page without spending much of your hard earned dollars. It sometimes just takes a little time and extra effort and clean-up.

Stamp a;
  • border or frame
  • background
  • title
  • embellishment or decoration
  • picture
  • monogram
  • tag
  • pattern
  • letter repeated to make a decorative shape.
Stamp with;
  • foam stamps
  • rubber stamps
  • acrylic stamps
  • potatoes
  • bubble wrap
  • corrugated card
  • bottle caps and other found items
  • leaves
  • scrunched up paper
  • a doily or through a doily
  • hot glue on wood to make a pattern let dry and stamp.
  • foam
  • fabric and lace
  • corks
  • paint
  • ink
  • bleach
  • condensed milk (then heat it with your heat gun)
  • your fingers
  • a fork
  • a toy (think car wheels and all sorts)
  • wire
Stamp on;
  • a photo
  • a button
  • tags
  • fabric
  • transparency
  • vellum
  • card
  • paper
  • ribbons
  • twill
Make a stamp rubbing

cut out and mount a stamped image

'Colour in' a stamp with chalk

Mask an area or areas and stamp over them.

Create your own postage stamps with ink stamps.

Heat emboss a stamped image. Take it a step further and emboss in clear and then blend ink over it for a resist look.

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