Saturday, June 11, 2016

Scrap room re-do and purge!

I recently did a big purge on my scrapbook stuff. It all started when I needed paint and discovered mine was dry and as a result chucked it out and freed up a space on my table. That lead to moving my paper racks and having a bit of a re-arrange. Which led to having a sort through and reducing my colour bins from overflowing to manageable.

The hardest decision was to keep or not keep my ribbon, I hardly ever use ribbon on a page- I'm much more likely to reach for Washi tape where ribbon once went on my pages. In the end I kept the ribbon because I had the space.

Here's the stack of stuff I did purge- I gave it all to a local scrapbooker. And while I didn't expect it I got a whole heap of wrapping paper and greeting cards in return (she's a rep) so that was an awesome bonus!

The last job was sorting my project life cards by colour. And then dividing them into filler cards and journalling cards. I scrap by colour but they were sorted by kit and it was so hard to find what I wanted in like that I wasn't use the cards as much as I could have. This job was a mission!!

I am super happy with my revamped space. One of the best changes I made was putting my acrylic stamp bin right by my side- I am so much more likely to use them on a page now.


The other changes that make me happy are:
1. Pulling all my October Afternoon supplies into one container. It's my favourite brand and I hoarded it- but now I'm inspired to use it! :-) 

2. I brought my distress inks out of their drawer and now it's so much easier to decide which colour to use and grab it.

3. I rearranged my Raskog cart, moving as much as I could to the colour bins. I had been putting the new stuff in there and it was my 'go to' for pages. Leaving the older supplies neglected and unused.
I added my stickers to the raskog- so they are now right at hand and more likely to end up on a page.

4. I moved some less used supplies like my paint brushes off my table where they were taking up precious real estate.

5. I retired my sad old cutlery basket- which had been a great organiser for pens and scissors. I replaced it with some much prettier containers- that makes me super happy too- I like pretty!

6. I moved some mixed media stuff out of a container that had things stack on it and was therefore hard to access into a drawer.

I thought it was a great working space before- now it's awesome!


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