Thursday, November 27, 2008

Just a phase..

Children go through a lot of phases;
  • There is that initial phase where you can't sleep when they're awake and you can't sleep when they're asleep because a) you wanna watch them all the time and b) you are scared witless they may stop breathing.
  • There's the I'm just going to cry and cry for no discernible reason phase.
  • There's the feel like you are living at Cobb & Co. when the only things your darling child will eat are Chicken nuggets, fish fingers and spaghetti bolognaise in the manner of a revolving kids menu horror.
  • There's the "I do it!" phase where you have to allow an extra half an hour for tasks that previously took 30 seconds or less.
  • The you do it phase where the baby throws their toys out of the cot/highchair/car seat/push chair repeated- and someone picks them up- You do it!
  • There's the butter doesn't melt stage where your baby tries his hand at amateur electrician and chainsaw juggling and you almost let them continue because they are so darn cute!
Currently we are in the most sickening, nerve wrenching, heart rending phase also knows as the

Talent Vs. Balance Vs. Gravity phase-

Will has the talent to pull himself up on- the couch, the fire guard, the TV Cabinet and, amongst other people, me.

But he has yet to master balance and 'getting back down' and so loses every time to GRAVITY.

Putting the other people in this house in the 'catch it or hug it phase'.... meaning on one hand that our reaction speeds are being tested severely and on the other hand that a large thud is closely followed by loud wailing closely followed by hugs, (only mums will do)!

Followed by the occasional wondering... ... is there a bruise? ...does he seem kind of sleepy/woozy? ...Is there a lump? he concussed? ...does he have brain damage? All great stuff... not! You imagine yourself at Starship wondering if they think you did it to your child.

I just keep repeating; This too shall pass!

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