Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Maybe you had to be there...

The conversation in the car on the way to school went something like this... please insert funny accents- Finlay's is natural and mine was like some warped Scottish Mama from the Bronx (don't ask!) NB; He calls me Mama because he reckons that it's Will saying all this not Finlay himself.

F: Speed Mama Speed!
Me: I can't speed or I'll crash into the car in front!
F: Take him over Mama take him over!
Me: I can't take him over or I'll crash into the car on the other side of the road.
F: Bake me some cookies Mama Bake me some Cookies!
Me: What 'cha talking 'bout boy I don't bake no Cookies!
F: Take me down town Mama, down town!
Me: Wha??
F: Take me down town Mama down town!
Me: What cha wanna go down town for boy?
F: I wanna go to the toilet.

At this point everyone in the car loses it to giggles (except Will- humour is wasted on babies!)
Once we've nearly calmed down...

F: Now that's Comedy!

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