Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Power of Lists

The time when I have worked best is when I am working off a list... I have MANY lists but my most basic day-to-day list is usually written in a small notebook and contains a list of around 10 items that I hope to achieve that day. I generally won't get my whole list done but I do get more done than I would have had I not written a list. Provided of course I actually take the time to read the list- lately I have been failing on that point. Blogging I'm fairly sure was NOT on my list for today.

I also have a list called '@errands' (Get Things Done followers will recognise that terminology). It is a list of stuff I want to get when I am out shopping. This list has been incredibly helpful for me this year. I keep it in my purse and when I remember I refer to it.... you know how you keep meaning to buy for example cord clips to tidy that mess behind the computer or whatever it is on your list that isn't essential and doesn't immediately spring to mind - I mean lets face it the only time you remember that you need the cord clips is when the baby is under the computer desk nibbling at the cord and trying to unplug your link the the WWW... and that is unlikely to happen in the middle of the Warehouse or at Countdown on a day when you have a little spare cash. It is a very handy little list...The master is on my computer I update it probably every 3-4 months- and find much to my surprise that I can cross off most of the list. Sweet!

Another list I have is my wishlist... and this is where list power has been most fortuitous for me this year. On my Wishlist is mostly scrapbooking stuff and other BIG stuff that we seem unlikely to be able to afford.... On my wishlist at the start of this year was a People Mover and a Craftrobo... these are both things I would not have expected to get in 3 years let alone this year and yet here I am and by the Power of Lists I now drive a kazillion kids around in the 'Mother-Trucker' and am the proud owner of a dusty craft-robo I haven't yet found the time to use.

In the next week or so I have plans to write a blog post with my Christmas 2008 Scrapbookers Wishlist and another about my personal wishlist and put the new items on my list into the internet cosmos to see what 2009 may bring me through the Power of Lists.

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